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How to Use Spray Paint to Restore Patio Furniture

Over time, patio furniture can lose its shine to rust. If your outdoor pieces are looking worse for wear, then spray paint can help you restore them on a budget. Spray paint is also a great way to refresh the look with a new colour.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 days
Before You Start
For this project, sandpaper can be used as an alternative to a sander for prepping the paint surfaces. Soapy water can also replace TSP cleaner.

Prepare the Furniture

  • 1.1Use TSP cleaner to clean the patio furniture.
  • 1.2Cover parts that are not getting painted:
    • Table: Cover any glass surfaces entirely with a self-adhesive film. Trim away excess with a utility knife.
    • Chairs: Cover the straps and weaves with masking tape applied over and under.
Person cleaning patio furniture with a sponge
Person cutting excess self-adhesive film with a utility knife
Person applying masking tape to an outdoor chair

Sand the Surfaces to Be Painted

  • 2.1Sand down the parts of the furniture that will be painted so the paint bonds well.
  • 2.2If there is any rust:
    • Use TSP cleaner to clean the rusted area.
    • Use a metal or thick-bristle brush to remove as much rust as you can.
    • Apply the primer.
Person sanding the arm of a patio chair
Person spraying TSP cleaned on patio furniture
Person brushing rust off a patio umbrella base
Person sanding a patio umbrella base using sandpaper

Paint the Furniture

  • 3.1Use a rag to wipe away any dust.
  • 3.2Place a drop sheet or tarp under the furniture.
  • 3.3Insert the can into a spray grip gun and paint the furniture.
Person wiping a patio chair with a cloth
Person spray painting a patio umbrella base
Person spray painting a patio chair

Pro Tip

Ensure an even finish by holding the spray can a fixed distance away and making smooth and continuous movements.


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