Smaller prints can be downloaded and printed on many home printers, but make sure to use photo-quality paper for the best results. If you can't print on photo paper or want larger prints, take the downloaded file to your local photo printer or kiosk to print.

Time Required
Estimated Cost

What You Need for This Project

Dress Up Any Kid's Room

Download your favourite animal prints in one of five sizes, which are designed to fit standard frames.

Once you've got your prints ready, take a look at our frames to add the finishing touch.



Choose & Download Prints

Download the print or set of prints of your choice. If you choose to download the larger prints, expect the download time to be longer than average.

Tip: Remember to use photo-quality paper for the best results. If you don't have it at home, take the download file to a photo printer or kiosk.


Size the Prints

With a utility or craft knife and a straightedge, trim off any white border around the prints to make each one the correct size for your frame.


Insert & Hang

Once you've gotten your print down to the right size, insert it into the frame of your choice and hang the artwork.

How To Terms

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