How To Organize Your Garage or Tool Shed

Few Hours
Less Than $500

The garage is one of the easiest spaces in the home to accidentally get cluttered and messy. But keeping your garage or tool shed functional means you need to keep it organized. Instead of walking into a space where you don’t know how to find anything, start organizing your garage now!

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    Start by doing a deep clean of your space. Remove your tools or larger items that are being stored and do a deep clean of the workshop or garage.

    Move your items into three piles: what you plan to keep, what should be thrown away and what you no longer need but is in good enough condition to be sold or donated.

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    Organize the items you are going to keep by their use. For example, group all your Christmas decorations together, and then your gardening equipment and mechanics tools. Once you have everything grouped together, you will have a better idea of your storage needs.

    If necessary, you can buy additional storage cabinets or shelving units for your space.

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    Use garage shelving units to clear out space and make room to store larger items like drills, circular saw or gardening equipment.

    It is also important to use lockable safety cabinets for sharp tools as well as paint, oils and thinners so that they are out of reach from children.

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    Storage containers are useful for items that will only be used occasionally. You can use transparent containers to easily identify what’s inside, but make sure all containers are properly sealed in case of flooding.

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    Make sure to use your walls to store more items! Use hooks, perforated walls or slatwall to hang items and clear extra space on the floor.

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    If you plan on using you garage as a workspace, make sure to have an area with surfaces for working on your project. You can use a table, workbench or a cabinet with a wood surface. Store your most used tools nearby for the convenience!

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Garage Storage Solutions

Sometimes, between all the tools, sports equipment and ladders, there’s not enough room for your car! To make the most of this essential space, your need to use storage solutions to keep your garage functional.

Wall Cabinets and Tool Chests

Tool chests and cabinets belong in the workshop of any DIY-ers and handy people. They are practical for storing large tool collections, and can be locked to keep your equipment safe and prevent any children from getting in.

TIP: Some tool cabinets come with multi-socket extension cords and USB charging ports, to keep you connected while you work!

Tool Boxes

A basic toolbox is needed for every household. You can use a lightweight plastic toolbox for everything you use on a regular basis, and a more durable steel box for when you’re on the job.

TIP: Many toolboxes have detachable compartments so you can only take what you need with you.

Tool Bags

Another way to carry your tools on the go is with a tool tote bag. These accessories help you transport your tools and allow you to work hands-free.

Small Part Organizers

Because even your storage needs storage! You can use small part organizers to keep screws, nails, washers and bolts together and properly organized so you don't have to worry about grabbing the wrong part. These organizers can fit into larger tool boxes or storage cabinets so you have everything in one place.

Pegboards and Accessories

Want to keep all your favourite tools within reach? Outfit your workshop with perforated walls. That way you can easily hang your tools and have extra space on your worktable.

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