Decorate your walls for Christmas with a mirror that also reflects the feelings of the holiday season. Use an existing mirror or buy one to reuse year after year.

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Protect the Frame

Use heavy paper and painter's tape to mask off the mirror frame, including the outside edges of the wood.


Download the Print Pattern

Download and print the mirror pattern. Use scissors, a crafts knife, and a straightedge to cut out the letters and stars. Then thoroughly clean the mirror with window cleaner.

Tip: The downloadable pattern fits a 44 in. x 32 in. mirror. To use them on a mirror of a different size, scale the pattern accordingly on a photocopier.


Cut a Cardboard Guide for the Letters

Cut a 1-inch-wide scrap of cardboard long enough to stretch from edge to edge on the mirror and use it as a guide to center the letters loosely on the mirror.

Tip: Before laying out the letters, check the back of the mirror to make sure you positioned the hanging hardware at the top.


Spray Adhesive on the Backs

Spray the backs of the letters and stars with adhesive, let rest until tacky, and press them into position. Check that the edges are flat against the glass, but avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges on the mirror.


Spray Frosting on the Glass

Spray an even coat of frosting finish on the glass, let dry, and repeat as desired.


Remove the Letters & Stars

After the frosting finish dries, use the tip of a crafts knife to carefully lift a corner of each letter or star. Then carefully lift off the paper. Avoid marring the frosted edges as you work.


Remove the Tape & Paper

If any pieces of the paper stick to the glass or finish seeps under the edge of the paper, use the tip and edge of the crafts knife to create smooth lines in the finish and scrape the surface clean. Remove the tape and paper around the edges before hanging.

The spray finish can be easy to smudge, so handle the mirror carefully. If you want to explore a different theme next year or reuse the mirror after the holidays, use a razor scraper to gently remove the design left by the finish and clean the surface with a glass cleaner.

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