Learn how to make a footstool in three simple steps. Simple, but elegant, this footstool will have you well rested and will add a decorative element to your living room.

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How to Make a Footstool

Step One

Cut the MDF Board

Using a circular saw, cut the MDF to the size you like. This should be proportionate to the user of the foot stool.  
Step Two

Attach the Legs

  • Mark the underside of the top for the leg top plate locations. As a rule of thumb, the top plates should be located ½ inch to 1 ½ in. in from the edges of the top. 
  • Using a drill, screw the leg top plates to the underside of the top as marked. 
  • Screw the leg into the top of the bracket.
Step Three

Sand & Paint

  • Sand the entire footstool.  
  • Paint, varnish, or stain the entire piece.  

Tip: Add a pillow to the top for some extra comfort

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