Colourful bungee cords against a white background provide distinctive storage for magazines and notebooks. Top this rack with a shelf for added storage or display space!

Time Required
Estimated Cost

What You Need for This Project

measure and cut the pegboard
Cut the pegboard to size — the one shown was cut to 33 inches wide and 45 inches tall to accommodate the length of the shelf. If you don’t have a saw, ask a Lowe’s associate to cut the pegboard to size.

TIP: If you plan to paint the pegboard, you can use a less expensive brown pegboard instead of the prefinished white pegboard. For a smooth finish, apply paint with a foam mini roller and clear any holes covered with paint before it dries.
add spacers to the wall
Hold the pegboard level where you want to install it, and mark the wall where you’ll install the spacers and mounting screws that will hold the pegboard away from the wall. As a rule of thumb, place mounting spacers no more than 24 inches apart. We planned for three evenly spaced along the top row of holes and three along the bottom.
Mount the pegboard

Mount the pegboard spacers in the drywall following the manufacturer’s instructions. Then screw the pegboard to the spacers. Add mini bungee cords along the pegboard to hold your items.


Hang your items on the pegboard, being careful not to overload the bungee cords.


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