Create a unique garden planter using concrete! Use this easy-to-follow DIY to make concrete planters in multiple shapes and sizes for your garden or patio.
Time Required
Estimated Cost

What You Need for This Project

gather your materials

Start by gathering the forms you plant to use as a mold for your planter. We recommend using buckets of varying sizes, like 3- and 5-gallon (11.36 L and 18.93 L) buckets. Use cooking spray to coat the inside of the large bucket and the outside of the small bucket. 

mix concrete
Mix concrete in a tub (wear rubber gloves and a mask) following package directions.
pour the concrete
Pour the mixture into the large bucket to about the halfway mark. Slide the small bucket into the centre of the large bucket and push down to within 2 inches (approximately 5 cm) of the bottom.
Secure the small bucket

Using bricks, stones, or sand, weigh down the small bucket and secure it with duct tape so it doesn’t rise.

carefully remove the plastic buckets
 Remove the weights after 48 hours. Slit the inside of the small bucket and remove. Slit the outside of the large bucket and remove.
drill into the planter

Use a masonry bit to drill a hole in the side or bottom of the container for drainage.

Your planter is complete! Fill with soil and your favourite plants or flowers and enjoy your new piece of decor.

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