Take your plain walls and add character by installing a board and batten wall! This affordable DIY can elevate your space and add character to your home. See how blogger and design Cloe Thomson created a board and batten wall with her family in the video below, and follow her steps to create your own!
Cloe Thompson
By Cloe Thompson
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measure first
Before purchasing your materials, you need to draw out your wall and measure where your boards will go. Take into consideration the width you want, and whether or not you will add trim on the very left, right, top and bottom to frame out the wall. If you have textured walls and want a smooth look, you can install backer board or thin plywood first.
cut to size

Using a mitre saw, cut the trim batten pieces to your pre-measured sizes.

Start The Installation

Add the trim pieces along the top and bottom of your wall, and then the very left and right if you choose to do so. Make sure they are level before nailing them into place.

After your border is installed, proceed with the vertical pieces. You can ensure even spacing by measuring and marking on the top trim pieces. You could also use a board cut in the size of your desired spacing and use it as a marker between where your vertical boards should go.

caulk and sand
Sand smooth all edges and caulk the edges and seams. This makes the wall look more smooth and even before painting. Tape off the walls and cover your floors in plastic before painting.
paint and style
Prime and then paint the walls with your chosen method. You can use a roller or paint sprayer. Make sure each layer is completely dry before adding the next. Once the paint is completely dry, you are done!

About the Author

Cloe Thompson

Cloe Thompson

Cloe is a nurse and mom of three living in Victoria, BC. She shares lifestyle, design, and motherhood on Instagram. Follow Cloe on Instagram.  

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