How to Install Pot Lights

Do you want to switch to LED pot lights? Learn everything you need to know about replacing your pot lights with LED bulbs. You won’t even need a tool, just follow our step-by-step guide to successfully install retrofitted pot lights in any room.
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How to Install Pot Lights

  1. 1

    Turn Off the Power

    Before you start make sure to turn off the power at the breaker switch to the area you’ll be working on.

    Tip: Leave a note taped to the panel to ensure no one turns it back on by accident.

  2. Steps:

  1. 2

    Uninstall Your Pot Light Module

    • Unscrew the lightbulb and take out the baffle trim.
    • Simply use your fingers and carefully pull down the pot light module.
    • When you see the torsion springs, squeeze them together to unclip them from the torsion spring clips. They are located on either side of the housing.

  2. Steps:

  1. 3

    Remove the Socket Plate and Socket from the Housing

    • Partially loosen the wing-nut in the socket plate. Make sure you don’t loosen the wing-nut the whole way or you’ll lose the nut in your ceiling.
    • Slide the plate out of the housing and remove the socket by pushing on either side and pulling it away from the socket plate.

  2. Steps:

  1. 4

    Install Adapter & Connect to LED Module

    • Screw the adapter into the housing socket.
    • Plug in the adapter clip into the new LED module.

  2. Steps:

  1. 5

    Install LED Module into Housing

    • Push the torsion springs together, located on either side of the LED module, as you push the module into the housing.
    • Once they are in place, push the new module into the ceiling for a tight fit.

  2. Steps:

  1. 6

    Let There Be Light

    Install the light bulbs, pop in the trim piece, flick on the breaker — and let there be light!

  2. Steps:

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