A must-have woodworking skill, gluing solid wood panels is a simple task. All you need is wood glue, wood clamps, and some sandpaper and you’ll have your panels glued from edge-to-edge in no time.

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How to Glue Wood Panels

Step One

Cut Lumber

With a table saw, cut your wood pieces to the dimensions needed for the project.  

Note: When using a table saw, make sure you wear protective gear for your hands, respiratory system, eyes, and ears. 
Step Two

Arrange Wood Pieces

Line up the wood pieces and arrange them alternatively according to their growth rings, while making sure their grain is in the same direction.  
Step Three

Glue Wood Pieces

Apply waterproof wood glue evenly along the edges of the boards. Carefully slide glued edges together and press the boards together. Repeat, until all the boards are glued together. Tighten a bar clamp around the glued wood panels and wait until the glue is dry. 
Step Four

Trim & Sand

Once completely dry, trim the ends of the glued panels with the table saw, to ensure it is even around the edges. Then sand the board using a palm sander. Sand away any residual glue so that the board is completely flat.  

How To Terms

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