How to Get Your Trailer on the Road

Congratulations on getting that new trailer from Lowe's. Now you have to take some registration steps to get that utility trailer on the road. Learn how Lowe's can help with that here. 

Few Hours
Less Than $500

Get your trailer on the road after purchasing it online at

Registration and plates are required to pick up your new trailer.

Documentation required for registration:
  • Certificate of Origin with trailer VIN #

  • NVIS (New Vehicle Information Sheet)

  • Bill of Sale & GST Number
Certificate of Origin and NVIS are available for pickup at your Lowe's store after purchase and are specific to your trailer.

GST number and printable bill of sale can be found on your order confirmation email.

For more information, please contact your provincial licensing and registration authority.

Get Your Utility Trailer at Lowe's

We have an extensive line of trailers available for purchase online at If you are a contractor looking for that dream trailer for the major job site, or a weekend warrior looking to pick up material without wrecking your trunk, we have the trailer for you.

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