Decorative birch branch with ornaments for the Holidays

How to Make a Decorative Holiday Branch

This quick and simple project is a fun and affordable way to spiff up your Holiday decor. It's also a great opportunity to let your creativity and imagination shine. Whimsical and luminous, this decorative birch branch brings a warm, natural, and rustic appeal to any room in your home.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
2 hours

If you would rather paint the branch in a different colour, go for it! If you would like to try out different ornament spacing and heights, not a problem! Whether you prefer your Christmas decorations in a farmhouse, traditional, kitsch, or minimalist style, this customizable project is for you.

Drill the Branch

  • 1.1Use a drill and a drill bit to make a hole in both ends of the branch.
Person using a drill to make holes on a birch branch

Attach the Screw Eyes

  • 2.1Place a screw eye into both holes. These will be used to suspend the branch from your desired location.
Person inserting a silver screw eye in a wooden branch

Secure the Screw Eyes

  • 3.1Use a screwdriver and wrench to tighten the screw eyes.
Person using a screwdriver and wrench to secure a screw eye

Decorate to Your Taste

  • 4.1Use ribbons, raffia, burlap, and the like to hang ornaments and other decorations from the branch for your preferred look. Ornaments of various shapes and sizes can lend extra visual interest to the project.
Animated image of the project assembly steps

Give the branch an even cozier and more inviting look by wrapping it with a delicate light set.

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