How to Give a Traditional Look to a Gas Fire Pit

Even if wood fire pits are banned by your municipal bylaws, you can still build a gas fire that looks like a traditional, wood-burning version. It just takes a few simple steps, and no one will be the wiser!

One Day
  1. 1

    Pick a Spot for the Pit

  2. Steps:

  3. 1.1
    Choose a location to build your fire pit that is as nice and level as possible.
  4. 1.2
    You will have to clear a circle of grass to accommodate the stones and pit model used. Plan to leave at least 6" of space between the fire pit and the stones for good airflow.
  5. 1.3
    Determine how many rows of stones you should have to get the desired height. You can place a slab under the fire pit if needed to elevate the top to the height of the surrounding stones.
  6. 1.4
    Take the time to read your fire pit instructions before continuing.
  1. 2

    Prepare the Area

  2. Steps:

  3. 2.1
    Clear the grass from the fire pit location and fill the area with a layer of gravel or sand. Try to make the surface as level as possible.
  4. 2.2
    Set the gas fire pit in the centre of the area and decide on the switch and gas hose location
  1. 3

    Start Laying the Stones

  2. Steps:

  3. 3.1

    Lay the stones in the first row, making sure you leave a clearance of 6" between the pit and the stones. You can remove the fire pit to make the process easier.

  4. 3.2
    When laying the second row, ensure that the joints are offset as in a brick wall. Don’t glue them down just yet.
  5. 3.3

    Once you are satisfied with how the first rows look, remove each stone and apply construction adhesive before setting it back. However, don’t glue down the stone that is located in front of the fire pit switch. You will need to remove it later.

  1. 4

    Lay the Last Row

  2. Steps:

  3. 4.1
    Lay the stones for the last row without glueing them yet.
  4. 4.2
    Join the stones located above the fire pit switch hole:

    - Turn over both stones, set the steel mending plate on top, and mark the hole locations.

    - Use a concrete drill bit to drill holes where marked.

    - Use a concrete screw in each hold to secure the plate.

    - Turn the stones back over and return them to their place

  5. 4.3
    Glue the remaining stones, except for the stone in front of the switch.
  6. 4.4
    Leave a day for the glue to dry.
  1. 5

    Final Touches

  2. Steps:

  3. 5.1
    Pull out the stone in front of the switch.
  4. 5.2
    Place the fire pit back, then take the gas hose and run it through the space left by the stone.
  5. 5.3
    Connect the hose to the gas tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. 6

    Kick Back and Relax

  2. Steps:

  3. 6.1
    Kick back and relax, like our buddy Virgule here.


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