How to Build Your Own Decorative Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels make it easy to add some extra style and architectural flair to any space in your home. Find out how to build and install them yourself.

Difficulty level : 
Duration : 
4 hours
Before You Start
Before you purchase any materials for this project, make sure you calculate the surface area.

Measure the Wall and Identify the Studs

  • 1.1Use a measuring tape to measure the wall for the installation.
  • 1.2Mark the centre of the wall.
  • 1.3Locate the studs using a stud finder.
  • 1.4Identify the studs so that you know where the panels will need to be nailed.
Person locating studs using a stud finder

Pro Tip

The panels for this project are 2' in width and tall enough to cover 2/3 of the height of the wall. Let your imagination run free as well!

Cut the Panels and Mouldings to Size

  • 2.1Make two 2’-wide panels by cutting each 4'-wide panel down the middle.
  • 2.2Cut both the panels and the mouldings to a height equal to 2/3 of the wall.
  • 2.3Cut the bottom and top mouldings according to the width of the wall.
  • 2.4Create a 45° angle at the location where the two pieces of moulding meet.
Person cutting wood with a mitre saw

Apply Stain to the Mouldings

  • 3.1Stain the mouldings by applying a thin coat.

Pro Tip

To create a striking contrast or add a bold burst of colour, you can also use interior paint.

Install the First Moulding

  • 4.1After the stain is dry, attach the base moulding to the wall using a nail gun.
Person installing moulding on the lower part of a wall with a nail gun

Pro Tip

A hammer and nails can be used instead.

Install Vertical Panels and Mouldings

  • 5.1Secure the first moulding to the centre of the installation wall. Check that everything is straight using a level.
  • 5.2Use nails and a few drops of PL glue to install the wood panels on either side.
  • 5.3Proceed with the installation until you reach the wall's outer edges, continuing to add moulding between each panel.
Person installing wall panels with a nail gun

Pro Tip

Orient the panel with its cut edge facing downwards to ensure a straight top.

Cut the Final Two Panels

  • 6.1Measure the remaining space on both sides of the installation. Make sure your calculation includes the width of the final mouldings to be installed on the wall.
  • 6.2Cut the final two panels to your measurements.
Person measuring the distance between wall panels
Person cutting wall panels

Install the Last Panels and Mouldings

  • 7.1Install the last two panels you cut.
  • 7.2Place the final two pieces of vertical moulding against the wall on either side.
  • 7.3Secure the final pieces of moulding along the top for a clean look.
Person securing moulding with a nail gun

Arrange Your Furniture and Enjoy the New Look

A living room with a couch and decorative wall panels

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