How to Make a Wooden Corner Pergola

Learn how to make a corner model pergola with privacy screens that will give you more enjoyment of your backyard. Put it up in just a weekend and relax in the shade all summer long.
Few Hours
Less Than $100

Before You Begin

This pergola has a final size of approximately 11’ x 11’, so an extra pair of hands might come in handy while you are building it.Prior to installation, check that the ground where you want to build the pergola is level and identify the highest post base—this is the one you will start with.The type of anchoring hardware you use will also depend on the installation surface (ground, slabs, or composite or wood deck).

1.Build the Base

1.1 Install the bases for the posts in their predetermined locations.

1.2Secure them to the surface accordingly:

  • Grass: Use stakes and drive them into the ground.
  • Composite or wood: Use lag screws or nuts and bolts.
  • Slabs: Use a concrete drill bit to pre-drill holes, then use concrete screws to secure the post bases. Don't drill holes near the slab edges, as this may cause splitting.

Person predrilling holes in a concrete slab
Person predrilling holes in a concrete slab

2 Install the Posts

2.1 Use a 4' level and a board to identify any height differences between the post bases F. If they are not all the same height, calculate the difference and cut the 8' 4x4 (the highest post) as needed.

2.2 Place an 8' 4x4 B into each post base F. Attach it using 8 screws (instead of 16) so that adjustments can be made later. Check that the post B is straight using a level before securing it.

2.3 Cut 4" off an 8' 4x4 to make the corner post A to allow adjustment of the corner support for a level installation.

Person using a level to check height difference between pergola bases
Person using a level to check height difference between pergola bases