Make your own Christmas decorations this year with a Christmas craft of making your own Christmas ornament vase. Fun and easy to make, these vases are perfect for a centrepiece at the dinner table, or even next to the tree!

Time Required
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What You Need for This Project

Additional Material

Use a leftover can from vegetables or soup to create your vase base! Make sure you thoroughly clean the can before you start creating your Christmas Ornament vase. 

How to Make Christmas Ornament Vases

Step One

Construct the Vase

  • For a tall vase: use clear shipping tape to stack one can on another. 
  • Wrap strips of two-sided tape -- each strip is about 13-3/8 inches long -- around the can.  
  • Remove the backing from the first two strips.
Step Two

Attach the Christmas Ornaments

  • With the can resting on a flat surface, lightly press Christmas ornaments against the tape with the neck facing down and touching the can to cover it. 
  • The ornaments on the bottom row should just touch the work surface.
Step Three

Complete Your Vase

  • After you arrange the bottom row, press the Christmas ornaments firmly against the tape to hold them in place.  
  • Remove the remaining backing strips as you work your way up the can sides adding rows of ornaments.  
  • The top row should cover the top edge of the can.

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