Toilet Buying Guide

Need to replace or upgrade your toilet? Whether it's a new model or you're remodeling your bathroom, we've got all the info and tips you need to make an informed decision in our Toilet Buying Guide. Read on for all the factors you need to consider when replacing your toilet—it's the most important seat in the house!

Need a New Toilet?

Replacing or upgrading your toilet? We offer an extensive variety of options to suit your needs and match every style of bathroom décor. 

Before You Buy: What are Your "Rough-In Standards"

Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the centre of one of the closet bolts (the type of bolts that hold the toilet down). This is called the rough-in distance and the construction standard is 12 inches*, but 10 or 14 in. rough-in distances are also common. Compare this measurement with your desired toilet dimensions that can be found in our toilet product descriptions. If the toilet has four closet bolts, measure to the centre of one of the rear ones.  

In small bathrooms where space is tight, also measure from either side of the tank to the walls or other objects to assure side-to-side clearance.

Note: Do this before you remove the old toilet to ensure a proper replacement fit.

Choosing the Type of Toilet You Need

Two-Piece Toilets

A two-piece toilet has a tank and bowl that can be purchased separately. The two parts are usually less expensive than the one-piece design. Make sure you purchase all parts necessary, as the seat is usually not included with the bowl.


One-Piece Toilets

A one-piece toilet is one complete unit that can be cleaned easily. One-piece units include the tank, lid, bowl, and toilet seat. This design also eliminates potential leakage between the bowl and tank. 


Composting Toilet

Composting Toilets are especially popular for use in cabanas, guest houses, light cottage use, or any remote place where there is an electrical connection but no plumbing.
  • No water or sewer connections required
  • Saves thousands of gallons of water while recycling waste into safe, usable soil
  • No pollution
  • No odour
  • Easy installation

Picking a Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowls are available in two basic shapes: round and elongated

Round Bowl Topilet

Round Bowls
Round bowls save space and have many types of seats available to match your bathroom's décor.


elongated toilet bowl

Elongated Toilets

Elongated bowls are a classically-styled oval shape for maximum comfort. More popular than round, elongated bowls are usually 2 in. longer and have larger water surface areas ranging from 9.5 in by 8 in. to 11 in. by  9 in..


Toilet Height

Toilet height is measured from the floor to the top of the seat. Most often, toilet falls somewhere between 15 in. and 19 in, with standard toilets coming in under 17 in. However, chair height toilets or Comfort Height toilets, measure 17 in. or more. The rule of thumb is, have a seat and see what works best for you.

Gravity Flush System

Gravity flush toilets uses the water weight to generate flushing pressure.
  • Water pressure forces everything from the tank into the bowl and through the S-shaped trapway
  • Natural siphoning action completes the flush
  • Quieter and requires less maintenance than a pressure-assisted flushing system

Pressure Assisted System

Pressurized air forces water into the bowl when flushed, reducing the chances for clogs, while using less water. This method is used mostly in commercial applications but increasingly in homes as well.


Reduce Water Bills

Toilets are the No.1 user of water in your home (30 percent), so switching to  a water-efficient toilet helps you stop flushing your money away. A standard toilet uses 13 Litres of water per flush so installing a newer, 6L water-efficient model can save you up to $99 each year in reduced water bills.


Selecting the Right Seat

Most toilets come in separate pieces and don't include the seat. Choose a seat that complements the toilet colour and bathroom décor. Think about the following items when choosing your seat:

  • The seat shape depends on the type of bowl — round or elongated
  • Seats are available in real oak, cherry, moulded wood composition, cushioned vinyl, plastic or polypropylene 
  • Some seats are contoured for more comfortable seating
  • Heated seats and seats with bidet add-ons offer even more comfort

Other Options

Other sanitary devices are available to equip your bathroom.


A urinal is a water-efficient wall-mounted unit. Most urinals are found in commercial or retail settings. However, they are becoming more popular for home or “mancave” use.


A bidet provides convenient facilities for personal cleansing. Bidets are a common feature in European bathrooms, and they are becoming more popular in Canada as part of new home construction or bathroom remodeling projects. They are almost always placed beside the toilet.


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