Make a Smart Choice: Smart Lights Buying Guide

When it comes to your lighting, make a smart choice with the latest technology! Discover all the features of smart lights, smart bulbs, and smart light switches with our buying guide.

Get Smart About Lighting

Get your home into the 21st century with a smart lighting system! We have everything you need to create a smart-light-friendly home, from light switches to light bulbs to hubs. Shop in-store or online today!

Smart Lights 101

Smart lights can be controlled through your Wi-Fi network, through either an app on your smart phone or a voice-controlled assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. You’ll need three things to set-up a smart lighting system: smart light bulbs, a hub, and a working Wi-Fi connection. 

How Do I Set Up My Smart Lighting System? 

  1. Install smart light bulbs into your light fixtures. 

  2. Plug the hub into a power socket and hook it up to your router via an ethernet cable. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  3. Download the correct app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

  4. Add your light fixtures to your app, making sure to name them something you can easily recognize like ‘Bathroom Lights’ or ‘Chandelier.’ You can add up to 50 light bulbs in one household.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs work just like your standard ones, but with some extra features like built-in speakers and voice command. They work in existing sockets and come in various types and shapes. 


Smart Light Switches & Controls

Turning your lights on and off has never been easier! Smart light switches and controls can be placed directly over your existing switches and can work with all light bulbs. They respond to voice control and can also be controlled through an app on your phone. 


Smart Outlets

With a quick install, these outlets will give you the ultimate control over your lights! Once they are plugged into your existing outlets, whatever light source you plug in will respond to your voice commands. Smart outlets give you the ability to set timers, give you remote access on your phone, and more.


Smart Light Starter Kit

Get everything you need in one kit! These helpful starter kits come with smart light bulbs and a hub so you can get started on your smart home automation system right away!

Smart Lighting Features

Built-In Speakers

Some smart light bulbs even have built-in speakers! Use Bluetooth to blare your playlist from your lights. Talk about a fun time! 

Voice Control

Voice control is a common feature of smart lights, letting you use Alexa or Google Home to turn on and off your lights. You can also program presets for your light’s brightness depending on the time of day. 

Motion Sensor

Smart lights can also come with motion sensors! You can also adjust the sensitivity so your lights are triggered to dim when there is enough sunlight to brighten the room.  

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