Shower Head Buying Guide

Learn which shower head will turn your shower into an invigorating experience. From rain shower heads to hand-held shower heads to different spray patterns and finishes, learn more about the best shower head options for your bathroom.

Shopping for a New Shower Head

Find the best shower head that suits your personal  needs. Whether you want to save on your water bill, match the style of your washroom, or both, we offer many types to match every style of bathroom.  Shop online or in-store today! 

Questions About Your Water Pressure?

Do you know what your water pressure is? Measure it by installing a water pressure gauge on your waterline to read the pounds per square inch (psi). If you have low pressure (under 40 psi), it is best to shop for a shower head with a low rate of gallons per minute (gpm), while the opposite is true for high water pressure.

Types of Shower Heads

Rain Shower Head

  • Rain shower heads give the experience of showering in the rain. They are ceiling mounted or wall mounted.   
  • Rain shower heads offer a luxurious and spa-like experience.  
  • Most offer spray pattern settings from water-saving trickle to pulsing rain massage. 


Hand-Held Shower Head

  • Hand-held shower heads are connected to the wall by a flexible tube or hose, which allows for a range of motion. 
  • They are useful for bathing children and pets or even cleaning the tub.  
  • Some hand-held shower heads come with a water-saving pause option to help conserve energy.  

Low-Flow Shower Heads

  • Low-flow shower heads use less than 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), saving energy and money. 
  • Some models come with a cut-off valve that allows you to stop the flow of water, reducing the amount of water used in every shower. 

Fixed Shower Heads

  • Fixed shower heads are attached to the shower arm that comes out of the wall.   
  • Some can be adjusted by height.  
  • They can be easily adjusted for spray patterns.

Shower Panels

  • A shower panel is a long, fixed column that is attached to the shower wall and existing shower head.  
  • It usually features a combination of an overhead shower head, a hand-held shower head and body sprays. 
  • They are easy to install and an inexpensive substitute for customized showers. 

Pro Tip: Save Water, Save Money

Low-flow shower heads are a great way to help the environment and save money at the same time.  

On average, Canadians use a staggering 329 L of water a day, and 35 percent is used during showering and bathing. Using a low-flow shower head can reduce your water usage up to 60 percent per year! Your water savings will also impact your water and heat with a savings of up to $150 per year for a family of four. 

Buy eco-friendly and you’ll be helping the environment while saving money.

Shower Head Finishes

Choose from different finishes to fit your shower head seamlessly into the décor of your bathroom.

Chrome Shower Head Finish

Shiny and timeless, a chrome shower head finish is one of the more popular choices. This finish is budget-friendly.

Nickel Shower Head Finish

A shower head with a nickel finish is becoming increasingly more popular in many bathrooms across the country. It has a matte finish and doesn't show water spots.

Bronze Shower Head Finish

Shower heads with bronze finishes offer a rustic and traditional design to your bathroom. Because there are varying shades, it is recommended you stick with the same manufacturer for all bathroom fixtures. 

Brass Shower Head Finish

A brass finish on your shower head is the way to go for a more vintage look to your bathroom. Brass is also known to be a durable material and resistant to germs.

Spray Patterns

Choosing between a light mist for a relaxing shower and a jet spray for a gentle massage has never been easier. You can make the most of your shower by finding a shower head where the spray pattern is easily adjustable. 

Drenching Rain Pattern: A drenching rain spray pattern nourishes thick hair and often flows from a large, round shower head.

Jet Spray Pattern:  A jet spray pattern for shower head settings is great for a refreshing burst of water, which can stimulate circulation. It’s  also a great spray pattern for cleaning the bathtub or shower.  

Fine Mist Pattern: A fine mist pattern for shower head settings offers a soft, relaxing experience. a soothing and relaxing showering experience.   

Massaging Swirl Pattern: A massaging spray setting on a shower head perfectly soothes tense muscles in the shoulders and neck.

Popular Brands

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