Keep your home safe with the best security lights! Find out the latest features and technology in outdoor motion sensor lights and floodlights with our buying guide.

Stay Safe

Keep your home safe with Lowe’s security lighting and floodlights. We have everything you need including motion sensors and lights with built-in security cameras. Visit us in-store or shop online today! 

Things to Consider

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What areas of your home need light? Take stock of the exterior of your home to find the best placement for your security lights. Some common areas include the front porch, driveway, side of the house, and front walkway.
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Outdoor Safe

Check lights for a UL rating, which indicates if the light is safe to use in dry, damp, and wet locations. Lights listed for damp locations are ideal for covered porches, while lights listed for wet locations are great for exterior walls, walkways, and uncovered porches.
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Motion sensor, manual, or timed: there are a lot of control options to choose from when it comes to your security lights. Whatever you choose, keep in mind any accessories that may need to be purchased.

Types of Security Lights

  • two-light motion sensor light fixture

    Motion Sensor

    Motion sensor are the most common type of security lights. They light up whenever a person walks within a certain distance of your home. Most motion sensors are designed for entrances like the front porch, the garage, or side of the house.
  • one-light floodlight fixture

    Flood Lights

    Floodlights provide lots of light and are usually placed at the side of the house. They are perfect for rural areas and come with motion sensor and security camera options. 
  • dusk to dawn light

    Dusk to Dawn

    Dusk to dawn security lights power on and off depending on natural light. The units detect sunlight and turn on after sunset, then automatically shut down when the sun rises. These are great for uncovered porches and front-house lights. 
  • security light with camera

    Lights with Security Cameras

    Keep an eye on your home with a built-in security camera! The cameras come in varying resolutions and some models even have the option to connect the feed to your smart phone. 

Choosing a Light Bulb

There are three things to consider when choosing a light bulb for your security lights: colour temperature, type, and efficiency.

  1. Colour Temperature: Following the Kelvin temperature scale, your best option is 5000K colour temperature. This colour temperature will illuminate the area in a bright white, perfect to scare off any intruders. 
  2. Type: It is important to get outdoor graded light bulbs that can withstand inclement weather. There are many types of light bulbs to choose from, like dimmable for dusk to dawn lights, or floodlight bulbs for floodlight fixtures. 
  3. Eco-Friendly: Look for floodlights that come in eco-friendly options like CFL, LED, and halogen. 

Note: Most energy efficient light bulbs will not work with timed and motion sensors. A great alternative is to use a dimmer compatible light fixture.


Other Features

Wireless: Look for battery powered lights which will help save on your energy bill! Keep in mind that these lights might not be as long-lasting as traditional light fixtures. 

Smart Automated: The ultimate convenience! Smart automated fixtures will give you the comfort of knowing when your security lights are turned on or off. 

Installation Tips

When it comes to installing security lighting it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You will need two things to install security lights: a power drill and a power source. 

Before installing any new lights make sure to discuss any wiring or other electric work with a licensed electrician. 

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