Discover all the possibilities for outdoor lights and the best options for illuminating your home. From patio lights to landscaping lighting, learn which light fixtures you need for your outdoor living space!

Electrifying Choices

Put the spotlight on your outdoor living space with lighting. We offer a vast selection of landscape lighting, outdoor flush mount lighting, decking lights, and more. Visit us in-store and speak to a Lighting Specialist or shop online today!

Types of Outdoor Lights

Lights on deck stairs

Deck & Patio Lights

Illuminate your backyard with patio and decking lights. These lights include decorative lanterns, solar powered post lights, deck step lights, and more.
Deck Lights
globe shaped string lights

String Lights

Perfect for any backyard party, string lights will give your backyard an elegant ambiance. They are available in many shapes including Edison bulbs, globes, and more.
flood light installed by garage

Security & Flood Lights

Keep your home safe with security lights. Usually plugged into a timer or motion sensor, installing security or flood lights to the front of your home can help ward off any unwanted visitors.
lights installed near pathway

Landscape Lighting

Brighten up your gorgeous landscape with lighting! Landscape lighting will add shape to your pathways and will allow your garden to shine.
flush mount light installed on front porch

Outdoor Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount lights are the perfect way to welcome your guests. Installed to the ceiling of your front porch, these lights are available in a variety of colours, materials, and styles.
antique wall light installed by front door.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lighting is a standard option on front porches or on either side of the garage. You can get them in many styles including a retro-style lantern, or a modern sleek LED fixture.

What are UL Ratings? 

The UL mark on a light fixture indicates its rating based on dry, damp, and wet locations. 

UL Listed for Damp Locations:
Marked as “suitable for damp locations,” these light fixtures can be installed in outdoor locations that are periodically subject to condensation or moisture, such as a covered porch or patio. 

UL Listed for Wet Locations:
Light fixtures marked with “suitable for wet locations” are safe to use in areas where the electrical components of the fixture may encounter water or other liquids. Ideal outdoor locations for these lights include pergolas, gazebos, exterior walls, uncovered porches and patios, decks, and walkways. 

Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Front Porch Lighting Ideas

One of the most versatile spots in your home, the front porch allows for many different types of light ¬¬fixtures. Wall fixtures will help light your front door, while landscape lighting can light up your pathway or front garden. 

Consider the style of light compared to the decor on the rest of your front porch. For a retro look, try hanging antique looking wall sconces. For a modern ambiance, go for matte black fixtures. 

Side of the House Lighting Ideas

When it comes to the side of your house security is key. Flood lights or motion detectors are usually installed at the side entrance. They provide lots of light in an area of the house that’s away from street lights. 

Try adding landscape lighting along the pathway to the backyard. This will not only illuminate the way for guests but will also give some TLC to an area of your landscape that is otherwise ignored. 

Backyard Lighting Ideas

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to outdoor lighting in your backyard. 

Decorative: Lighting like lanterns, Tiki torches, and string lights offer a decorative element to your outdoor living area. Try hanging string lights in the underside of your gazebo or adding lanterns to your patio side tables for some ambient lighting. 

Functional: Looking for a more practical use of outdoor lighting? Outdoor wall lights are perfect for brightening up a back patio or outdoor dining area. Deck stair lighting and post lighting is a great way to illuminate your backyard deck and is also a safety feature. Most post lights and deck stair lighting come in solar powered varieties, so you’ll be saving the planet too! 

Security: Adding flood lights to your back patio is a great choice for security reasons. You can also install a motion sensor to keep away any unwanted critters in the night. 

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