Serve Up the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

From built-in barbecues to refrigerators, there are many things to consider when you’re setting up the ultimate outdoor kitchen. Find out which essential items you need to create a functional kitchen on your backyard patio or deck that you and your guests will love!

Ready. Set. Cook!

Outdoor kitchens will help you host the perfect get-togethers and will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests! Get started by searching through our collection or visiting one of our Specialists in-store. Plus, we’ll install your built-in gas grill. Shop online or in-store today!

Fire Up the Grill

Probably one of the most important parts of your outdoor kitchen, grills come in many variations.

  • Built-In: Installed into cabinets and countertops of an outdoor kitchen, built-in barbecues are the more popular configurations of grills.
  • Freestanding: All you need to do is place your freestanding grill next to your outdoor kitchen unit and you’re good to go!
  • Portable: These handy grills can be placed on top of your countertops and are convenient to store.

Add Fuel to the Fire!

  • Natural Gas: Installed to an existing line, natural gas barbecues are the most common type of grill in outdoor kitchen units.
  • Liquid Propane: Outdoor kitchens offer built-in propane tank storage areas.
  • Charcoal: Get that distinctive charcoal taste, plus there will be a lot of storage compartments for you to store bags of charcoal.
  • Pellet: A free-standing option, pellet grills are fueled by flavoured wood pellets.


Keep it on Ice

Keep marinades, drinks, food, and more at hand (and cold) with a built-in refrigeration unit. Built for convenience, you’ll have everything you need in arms reach. Plus, they come packed with power- providing maximum cooling abilities for all your outdoor dining needs.

If you’re in need of something colder, ice chests are a great option. Available as a built-in or drop-in unit, ice chests are perfect to keep those drinks ice cold and for frozen treats.

If you’re craving ice you can have an ice maker installed too. Built-in to your unit, you’ll be able to keep your drinks cold all summer long!


Stay Organized

Have everything you need to serve up a delicious feast within arm’s reach! With ample storage space comes the gift of organization. Store everything from barbecue tools to dining sets to cleaning supplies. Available in double door units, drawers, and bug-resistant, your outdoor kitchen will always be stocked!

You can store non-perishable food items by adding dry storage and pantry units. They are usually outfitted with multiple shelves giving you tons of storage space for everything from spice rubs to dry herbs. Plus, they are sealed tight to keep out any little critters that might be hungry!


Everything & the Kitchen Sink

Preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards is no one’s favourite part of hosting, but these menial tasks have never been easier with an outdoor sink! Install a built-in outdoor sink and your outdoor kitchen will be sparkling in no time. You can opt for double basin sinks or install a sink outfitted with hot and cold water.




It’s important to protect your investment! Covers are a great way to protect your outdoor kitchen from inclement weather. Stainless steel covers for sinks are also available.

Rotisserie Kits

A rotisserie attachment is probably the most delicious extra you can get for your grill! A slow roast on a spit is sure to a perfect cook every time!

Cocktail Stations

This station comes with a built-in sink, ice bucket, and drink mixing area. Dazzle your guests with handmade cocktails table-side!

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