Moulding can be used to hide small imperfections, as well as complement the style of any room. It helps to make a transition from different materials, such as paint and wallpaper, and can also be used to emphasize contrasts between the same materials.

Moulding for Every Room

No matter what room you're thinking of redoing, adding moulding is an easy way to significantly change its look and feel. Learn how to pick out moulding for each room, then shop online or in-store to complete the process.

Decide what style is best for the room. Collect sample pieces of different shapes (called profiles) and experiment with them. If single profiles don't fit your decor, build up or stack the different profiles together. You are only limited by your imagination.

Traditional Moulding

  • Solid wood moulding

    Unfinished Solid Wood Moulding

    Unfinished solid wood moulding is the most common moulding used in homes. It can be made from pine or hardwood and milled in a multitude of profiles to match almost any decorating style.

    Unfinished wood moulding comes in two grades:

    • Stain grade moulding is made from clear lumber so it accepts stains well, without streaking or blotching. The absence of knots and other defects yields a rich, even finish after staining or clear coating.
    • Primed finger joint or paint grade moulding is made from short pieces of pine finger jointed together to create each piece of moulding. The difference in paint and stain grade moulding is that the finger joints in paint grade moulding render it unsuitable for staining or clear coating. Most paint grade moulding comes pre-primed and ready to paint, saving you the time, trouble and expense of priming the moulding yourself.
  • MDF moulding

    Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Moulding

    MDF is a lightweight engineered wood product that cuts and works just like wood but with less movement due to changes in humidity and temperature. MDF moulding comes pre-primed and ready to paint. Its workability and stability make MDF a good choice for any moulding application where a paint grade solution is desired.

  • Pre-finished moulding

    Prefinished Moulding

    Prefinished moulding is made from polystyrene and comes in several different wood grain patterns at a significantly lower cost than wood moulding. It comes ready to install, since the finish is applied at the factory, saving you the time and expense of finishing it yourself. Prefinished moulding is available with several wood grain finishes and a traditional white so it can be used in many settings. Its low cost and easy installation make prefinished moulding an economical alternative to traditional wood moulding.


Decorative Moulding

Ornate hardwood moulding at the top of some kitchen cabinets

Decorative Hardwood Moulding

Decorative hardwood moulding is suitable for staining, clear-coating, or painting to accentuate and highlight any home's decor. Hardwood moulding is highly decorative and comes in many different embossed patterns, sizes, and profiles. The embossing creates the appearance of hand-carved moulding and the natural beauty of hardwood creates a sense of style and warmth.

Matching corner blocks, plinth blocks, and rosettes not only complement hardwood moulding, they eliminate coping and miter cuts to make installation simple and worry-free. You can even use matching, decorative appliques in conjunction with this moulding to put a more personal touch on your trim.

Close-up of moulding on the exterior of a white Antebellum style home

Architectural Moulding

Architectural moulding is a premium polystyrene or polyurethane moulding with large profiles that mimic the look of built-up moulding. Architectural moulding will not warp, rot, or split. It is a low maintenance material that saws, mills, and works just like wood. It is lighter than hardwood for easier handling and due to its light weight, workability, and stability, architectural moulding is usually easier to install than traditional wood moulding.

There are matching inside and outside corner bocks available to make installing the crown moulding even easier. The moulding comes ready to finish, so no priming is required. It can be painted or stained to match any colour scheme or style. You will also find matching ceiling medallions and even wall niches to add the final touch to your trim.

Exterior PVC Moulding

PVC moulding is an excellent choice for all of your exterior trim. It can be cut, sawn, drilled, screwed, nailed, and painted just like wood. Unlike wood, however, it won't warp or split. PVC moulding is also impervious to insect damage, rot, and decay. Think of PVC moulding as a permanent solution to all of your exterior trim needs.


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