Microwave Buying Guide

Many people use microwaves only for preheating or thawing, but you can use today's multi-featured units to cook entire meals. And these units do it quickly and efficiently. Since microwave ovens cook food from the inside out, your food almost always comes out fast, hot, and, perhaps most importantly, not burned. Another benefit: vegetables cooked in microwaves retain vitamins and minerals as well as if they were steamed.

Small Appliance, Big Heart

Microwaves are very efficient in electricity use because they heat our food and nothing else. But finding the right microwave for your home consists of so much more, such as how much space you have, the type of cooking you do, the size of cookware you have, and if you want something portable or built-in. Shop online or in-store and find the perfect microwave today.

Types of Microwaves

Inside the oven, a magnetron tube produces microwaves, which are a type of radio wave. The waves enter the oven through an opening in the oven cavity. Since microwaves move in a straight line, many ovens employ turntables to rotate the food so it cooks evenly.

When buying a microwave, consider:

  • The number of people for whom you normally cook and whether the microwave oven will be your primary cooking source.
  • The size of your cookware. Will it fit in the oven? And if you are planning more advanced cooking, do you need defrost, cook, and keep-warm options?
  • The room you have for a microwave. In addition to countertop models, you may buy ovens that can be fitted under or built into a cabinet.


Built-in microwaves are units that can be incorporated into the kitchen's cabinetry.



Countertop microwaves can be placed anywhere on a countertop or table, making their portability highly attractive.



Keep all your cooking in one spot by installing an over-the-range microwave.



Smaller and less powerful than other models, compact microwaves are perfect for quick, small, and simple dishes.


When you want a happy medium between size and power, choose a mid-size microwave.

Full Size

Full-size microwaves are the largest and most powerful, giving you plenty of space and wattage to cook your dishes.

Comparing Microwave Capacity & Power

Note: Remember that cooking times offered in recipes will vary based on the wattage of the microwave.

Additional Features


Turntables rotate food for even cooking. And you even have the option of models with removable turntables for easy cleaning.


Combined with microwaves’ speedy cooking properties, convection efficiently helps turn out delicious, crusty baked goods and juicy roasted meat.


Acts like the broiler in a conventional oven.


Enable the oven to determine whether the dish is thoroughly cooked. Also help prevent overcooking.


Most models have timers that are used just like those on a conventional oven. They also take the form of buttons that are really preset timers for certain foods, like popcorn.

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