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Considerations Before Buying a Kitchen Range


When choosing the size of your oven it is important to keep a couple things in mind. Consider the size of your family, how much you use the oven, and the dimensions of your kitchen.

Size of Family:

  • One to two people: 2 to 3 cubic feet
  • Three to four people: 3 to 4 cu. ft.
  • Four or more people: 4+ cu. ft.


There are three style of stoves available, the best one for you kitchen will depend on the design and layout of your kitchen.

  • Freestanding: One of the more popular styles of stove, freestanding ranges have finished sides and their controls are located on the back panel, above the cooktop surface.
  • Slide-In: These stoves give a seamless built-in look to your kitchen and the control panel is located on the front of the unit.
  • Compact: Perfect for condo-dwellers, compact stoves come in both freestanding and slide-in variations, but they’re smaller in size.

Number of Elements

Depending on your needs and how much you’ll be using your range, the number of elements varies depending on make and model of the unit. You can get a stove with as little as four elements or as many as seven.

Types of Stoves

Pot on gas stove

Gas Stove

Gas stoves have open or sealed burners. With an open flame it can be easier to gauge how much heat is coming through the element.

Note: If you are looking to purchase a gas stove, make sure your kitchen has access to a natural gas line.
Black induction cooktop.

Electric Induction Stove

Electric induction stoves use a magnetic coil underneath the ceramic surface to generate heat directly to the pan. Magnetic cookware is needed to induction stoves to work.
Close-up of electric burner on stove

Electric Stove

Electric stoves come with two types of stovetops: coil and smooth top. Coil elements are open burners, while smooth tops offer a sealed option.


Roasted chicken, vegetables, and potatoes in a double oven

Double Oven

Double ovens are all about the convenience. You can cook multiple dishes at once using two temperature settings!
Someone using phone to control oven

Smart Ranges

Take full control of your stove, with a Wi-Fi connection. Control temperature, auto-lock, and more all from an app on your phone.
Women pressing buttons on digital display

Touch Display

Pre-heat your oven, select a favourite dish, or program your oven to defrost something from the freezer. All of these options are available with a simple press of a button.
Close-up of hot surface light on a stainless-steel stove

Hot Surface Light

Always know when your stove top is hot with indicator lights. A light for each burner, it remains on until the area around the element has cooled.
Cooktop with five burners, showing that two burners can be connected to make one large burner.

Expandable Burners

Expandable burners adapt to the size of your pot or pan for an even cook. These burners are usually oval in shape or have an elongated bridge that spans two elements.
Stuffed peppers and biscuits in a warming drawer on a stainless steel stove.

Warming Drawer

Warming drawers allow you to keep your food at the perfect temperature until your meal is ready. They are the perfect spot to store just-cooked meals until they are ready to be served.
Someone pouring water into canister in oven.

Steam Bake

Some models allow you to steam bake. Steam ovens include a water canister inside the oven that, when filled, keeps moisture at optimal levels when on. Steam baking offers faster cook times and retains the natural textures, nutrients, and vitamins of the food.
Closeup of delayed start button on stove

Delay Start

The delay start button allows you to have complete control over when you want to start cooking. You can use this feature when cooking or for self-cleaning purposes.

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