Kitchen Lights Buying Guide

Shine some light on your kitchen with the perfect light fixture! Discover all the possibilities, from track lights to under cabinet lighting and more. You'll find the perfect lighting for your kitchen in no time!

Put a Spotlight on Your Kitchen

Find every type of light fixture for your kitchen at Lowe's. Visit us in-store where a Lighting Specialist can give you the best recommendations for your kitchen and offer tips on installation, or shop online and find all your kitchen lighting needs in one convenient place.

Choose Your Style of Kitchen Lighting

Track Lighting

One of the most popular types of kitchen lighting, track lights are perfect for the cooking area. Be sure to talk to a licensed electrician before installing track lighting in your kitchen.


Under Cabinet Lighting

An additional feature for your kitchen is under cabinet lighting. These lights are usually LED and provide task lighting for the countertop.


Kitchen Island Lighting

The light fixture above your kitchen island combines functional task lighting with decorative lighting. Often pendants, kitchen island lighting is usually installed 30 to 35 inches above the island and should span about 2/3 of the island’s length.


Flush Mount Lighting

These ceiling lights are usually found above the kitchen table or in the cooking area. Flush mount lighting is known for its versatility, providing different types of light depending on its style and size.



On to the decorative side of things! Chandeliers can make a bold statement in your kitchen or dining area. You can create various looks using elegant, country, or contemporary style chandeliers.


Wall Lights

Wall sconces can provide another layer of light to your kitchen, adding accent lighting to your dining area or as task lighting in a multi-functional kitchen.


Lighting Types

  • Task: This type of lighting is functional, providing light for main tasks in the kitchen including cooking and preparing food. Examples of task lighting include under cabinet lights, wall sconces, and kitchen island lighting.
  • Accent: Accent lighting allows the kitchen to have layers of light. This provides different dimensions to the look of your kitchen and allows for small kitchens to give the illusion of a bigger space. Accent lighting includes wall sconces.
  • Ambient: Ambient lighting, or overall lighting, is the main light fixture of the room. It provides overall lighting to your kitchen and can be placed in the dining area. An example of ambient lighting includes flush mount light fixtures.
  • Decorative: Decorative lighting adds style and function to your kitchen. Lights like wall sconces and chandeliers can tie in the room’s design elements and provide light to your dining area.


Kitchen Light Tips

Light Bulbs

The type of light bulb you choose is dependent on various things like type of light fixture, energy costs, and what type of lighting you want in your kitchen. Look for LED or CFL bulbs for eco-friendly options, and always be sure to read the manual of the light fixture to ensure you have the right type and wattage of bulb.

Smart Lighting

“Alexa, turn on the kitchen island lights.” Make voice command lights a reality with Smart bulbs. These light bulbs have Wi-Fi access and can be hooked up to your Amazon Echo or Google Home for ultimate 21st Century living.

Light Bulb Temperature

Light bulb temperature is an important element to the overall lighting of your kitchen.
  • Ambient: If your kitchen has earthy and wood tones, you’ll want to go for a warm light temperature, while kitchens with light colours are best suited for cooler toned light bulbs.
  • Task: Neutral to cool white is perfect for task lighting. It creates a good amount of contrast, so you can focus on the food prep at hand!
  • Decorative: Light temperatures for chandeliers and wall lighting is all about personal preference and the type of mood you'd like to convey in your kitchen.

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