Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Out of all the items in your kitchen, your faucet is the one that sees the most hands-on activity. Discover how simple it is to replace and upgrade your kitchen faucet. From mounts to finishes, find the best set of kitchen taps to tackle that sink full of dirty dishes with our Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide.

Replacing Your Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to replacing your kitchen faucet, there are a variety of options. Do you want one or two taps? Can you add a side sprayer? What finish choices are available? Our selection of faucets is both beautiful and practical. The perfect one is waiting for you.

Once you decide it’s time to replace your kitchen faucet, it’s imperative to determine the type of faucet you need.Save time by finding out the requirements for your specific kitchen faucet in advance for a guaranteed perfect fit for your specific sink.

Faucet Mount Type

The first thing you need to determine is the mount type. There are two different kinds: a deck mount, and a wall mount.

Deck Mount

This is the type of mount most people are familiar with. The faucet sits directly on top of the counter or on the bib of the sink. This design allows you some leeway in terms of adding features to your faucet, such as a side sprayer or soap dispenser.


Wall Mount

A wall mount faucet is attached directly to the wall, usually behind the sink using plumbing integrated behind the drywall. If you are looking to simply replace your faucet, you may be limited by the existing plumbing, so make sure to know your options. If you are doing a full kitchen reno, your choices will only be limited by your budget and creativity.


Faucet Holes

Once you have decided to replace your kitchen faucet you also need to determine how many holes are in your kitchen sink. Unless you are planning on updating your sink at the same time, this will determine your choice of faucet.

One Hole Kitchen Faucets

  • The water outlet and control handle are combined into a single unit.

  • Operated by lever located on the top or side of the faucet.

Two Hole Kitchen Faucets

Two possible configurations:

  • Two taps controlling the water temperature that lead to a single faucet.

  • Single hole faucet with an additional feature, such as a side spray or soap dispenser.

Three Hole Kitchen Faucets

  • Standard layout that most people are familiar with.

  • Highly customizable. If you wish, you can purchase a single hole faucet and use the additional holes for a bar tap and a soap dispenser.

Four Hole Kitchen Faucets

  • Operates the same as three hole.

  • Allows for the addition of a side sprayer to be mounted directly on the countertop.

Kitchen Faucet Replacement for Undermount Sinks

The recent trend in kitchen renovations is to mount the sink beneath the countertop, resulting in a seamless integration. Holes are now being drilled into sinks, which means your choice of kitchen faucet isn’t constrained by the number of pre-existing holes.

Did You Know

Have you fallen in love with a single hole faucet, but have a three hole sink? Don’t despair. Most faucet manufacturers provide an escutcheon with their faucet kits. An escutcheon is a metal plate that you can use to cover the unused holes in your sink, creating a seamless-looking mount for your faucet. Double check the kit contents to be sure it’s available for your choice of faucet.

Faucet Size

The next item on your list of considerations is the size of the faucet. You need to evaluate how you use your kitchen sink. Do you fill and wash a lot of large pans? Then you need to purchase a faucet tall enough to accommodate them.

Is your sink located underneath your kitchen cabinets where space is a premium? If so, you need to look at a shorter faucet with the controls located on the side of the unit or mounted on the countertop.

Here are the dimensions you need to look for when making your choice.


The height of a faucet refers to either the distance between the base of the unit and the water outlet or the highest point of the faucet.

Note: Manufacturers use these measurements interchangeably, so be certain which one they are referring to when you make your purchase.


How a faucet curves is described as its arc. A high arc, or "gooseneck", is a great choice for cooks who use a lot of tall pots for their dishes. This feature makes filling and cleaning much easier. Anything 8 inches in height or higher is ideal.  Faucets with an arc of less than 8 in. generally come out at a 45-degree angle. These faucets are ideal for sinks located underneath kitchen cupboards or where space is at a premium.


Reach describes how far the faucet hangs over the sink. It’s important to get this right. If your faucet hangs out too far you risk splashing water on the floor, and if it’s too short you could strain yourself trying to reach it. A good rule of thumb is the spray from your faucet should go directly down the drain. If you prefer a short reach but are worried it might cause difficulty, you can compensate for this with the addition of a pull-out or side sprayer.

Faucet Handles

Single Handle

  • Most common means of operating a kitchen faucet.

  • Also known as a centre sit.

  • Composed of one lever located at either the top or on the side of the unit.

Double Handle

  • Two temperature controls: left for hot water, right for cold.

  • Water is combined and delivered through a single spout.


  • Operate using sensors or by a light touch with your wrist.

  • Requires a separate power source either in the form of ”batteries or an AC power adapter with an outlet under the sink.

  • Great for avoiding cross contamination when preparing food.

  • Ideal for people with accessibility challenges.

Faucet Options

There are a lot of optional features available that can add to the functionality and convenience of your kitchen faucet.

Pot Filler Faucet

A pot filler is a great addition for cooks who often fill large, heavy pots with water. Located near the stove, this faucet allows you fill and place your stockpot on the stove easily and safely without straining your back.

Bar Prep Faucet

Bar prep sinks and faucets are usually found on a kitchen island. These free up space in your larger sink by providing a convenient water access to make juice, fill a saucepan, or quickly clean kitchen utensils.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Do you like tea? Do you want to make yourself a hot drink without boiling an entire kettle’s worth of water? Then an instant hot water dispenser is for you. These units are usually coupled with a bar sink and make hot water available with the flick of a lever.


Pull Down Sprayers

Pull down sprayers have a lot of uses. Integrated directly into the faucet unit with a retractable hose, the sprayer often has two spray patterns, stream and a gentler spray option. This addition is ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables, watering a plant, or rinsing all corners of the sink. When shopping for a kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer, make sure your choice comes with a magnetic catch so sprayer stays up and out of the way when it retracts.

Side Sprayers

Side sprayers operate in a similar fashion to pull down sprayers, but instead of being integrated into the faucet, it sits beside the unit, mounted on the counter itself.

Soap Dispensers

It’s happened to everyone. You’re working on something particularly messy in the kitchen, you turn to wash your hands, and there is no soap. Avoid this sticky situation with a soap dispenser conveniently integrated into your faucet.

Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system provides peace of mind that your drinking water is as fresh and pure as possible. There are many options to explore, from faucet-mounted units to full filtration systems installed under the sink.


Faucet Finishes

It used to be that kitchen faucets all came with the same stainless steel finish. Not anymore! Faucets come in a variety of colours and finishes to complement any decor. From matte black to polished chrome, you are sure to find one that suits your kitchen’s aesthetic.






Installation Services

You've found the perfect faucet, but installing it is not your game? No worries! You can tap Lowe's Installation Services to handle the job. Our professional installers will schedule your appointment, arrive on time, and get your new kitchen faucet operating in a jiffy. 


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