Once you have made the fundamental decisions about your new kitchen cabinet purchase, the next step is thinking about the extras you'd like to have: a collection of beautifully-coloured plates, special storage for wine bottles and glasses, roll-out baskets and containers, and more.

Finding the Right Accessories for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When you are selecting your kitchen cabinets and deciding on the layout, think about any special storage or display needs you might have. Consult a Kitchen Cabinet Specialist to learn about specific options that are available for your cabinets. Some options can be added after the cabinets are installed, but others must be included in the original cabinet order.

For the Upper Cabinets & Countertops

  • Pull down spice rack in a cabinet

    Pull-Down Spice Rack

    Pull-down spice rack that fits underneath the upper cabinets to save space.

  • Stainless steel microwave sitting on a white shelf

    Microwave Shelf

    Microwave shelf that allows you to heat up leftovers and pop popcorn without giving up valuable counter space.

    Note: This is not the same thing as an over-the-range microwave, which includes an integrated venting fan.

  • Two black mugs hanging on hooks with two white mugs on hooks below

    Pegs or Hooks

    Pegs or hooks for hanging mugs and teacups.

  • Various small appliances laid out on a kitchen countertop

    Appliance Garage

    Appliance garage to keep blenders, toasters, and other once-in-a-while items hidden from view.

  • Spines of various cookbooks

    Hanging Cookbook Rack

    Hanging cookbook rack to keep food spills off your recipes and give you more work area.

  • Chalkboard with quote from Julia Child on it

    Pull-Down Message Centre

    Pull-down message centre to make family communication easier.

For the Lower Cabinets & Sink Area

Kitchen cabinets with pull out pot rack

Roll-Out Baskets

Roll-out baskets in place of low and narrow cabinets for more efficient use of the entire space.

Kitchen cabinets with pull out garbage containers

Pull-Out Waste & Recycling Containers

Pull-out waste and recycling containers keep trash hidden, make emptying easier and keep children and pets out of the garbage.

Portable cart with fruits on the top and plates on the bottom

Cutting Board with Integrated Knife Storage

Pulls out like a drawer.

Storage for Special Items


Integrated Baskets

For potatoes, onions, and other produce.

Upside down wine rack with bottle of white and red wine

Wine Rack or Cubby

For storing bottles on their sides.

Under cabinet stemware rack

Under-Cabinet Racks

For storing wine glasses and stemware.

Lazy Susan open to reveal spices and bottles

Lazy Susan

Allowing you to make the most of corner space.


Swing-Out Pantry Racks

Make it easier to reach items stored in the back of the cabinet.

Side view of cabinet drawer

Pull-Out Storage

Sized to hold 2-liter bottles.

Wide shallow kitchen cabinet drawer with dark brown front

Wide Shallow Drawers

For storing table linens.

Pull out cabinet under a sink showing sponges

Flip-Down Sink Tray

For storing sponges.

Display Features

Cabinet accessories don't have to be purely functional. Some decorative touches bring style to your kitchen in simple, easy ways.

Kitchen with white cabinets with translucent glass fronts

Glass-Front Doors

With or without mullions that divide them into smaller panes. These are complemented by cabinet interiors that are finished the same way as the exteriors.

Dish rack inside cabinet with black plates and bowls

Plate Holders

That store dishware on display, either face-front or stored sideways on edge.

Dark brown kitchen valance cabinet


To bridge the space over the sink.

Three ceiling pendant lights, white kitchen cabinets with down lit glass displays

Down-Lit Glass Display Shelves

For decorative items.

White kitchen island with white panels and black stools


For the appliances and the ends of cabinets that match the cabinet doors.


Faux Furniture Legs & Feet

For cabinets to make them look more like free-standing items than standard built-ins.

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