Gazebo, Pergola, and Canopy Buying Guide

Have it made in the shade this summer with the help of gazebos, pergolas, and canopies. Learn about materials, size options and accessories, plus find out everything you need to know to create the ultimate shady outdoor space.

Give Your Outdoor Space Some Shade

Incorporating a covered structure into your backyard can enhance your outdoor dining or entertaining experience by providing shelter from the rain or harsh sunray. Protect yourself and your furniture this summer with a gazebo, pergola, or canopy—no matter the size of your backyard, we have something that will work with your outdoor space.

Types of Gazebos

Soft Top Gazebos 

Soft top gazebos are usually semi-permanent and have a canvas top that is arched. Screens and shades can be added for more comfort, mosquito protection, and privacy.

Hardtop Gazebos

Hardtop gazebos can be permanent structures that act as additional space for seating and shelter. They are usually made of wood, but also come in vinyl.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Gazebo

Material The material of your gazebo can change the whole aesthetic of your outdoor space. They are available in wood, steel, aluminum, and canvas.

Shape Gazebos come in four basic shapes: octagon, hexagon, square, and rectangle.

Size From small to extra-large, the size of your gazebo will depend on how much space you have in your backyard. If you entertain a lot, a large gazebo with lots of coverage is your best bet. Remember to measure before you purchase!

Note: Want a gazebo but don’t have the space? The leaner gazebo provides all the benefits of a full-sized gazebo but takes up half the space. Installed to the side of the house, leaner gazebos feature a sliding roof and drapes.

Let Us Do it for You!

Did you know we install gazebos? Let our professional installers measure, install, and clean up. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Types of Pergolas

Flat Roof

Flat roof pergolas are the most common kind. They are usually built with gaps in between posts, to allow for some ventilation in the summer. They also come with canopies for protection during the rain. There is a slight slope, which allows rainfall to slide off to one side.

Arched Roof

Arched roof pergolas have slightly more space than their flat counterparts. It is also easy to accessorize a gable-roofed pergola—just add string lights or vines to the trestles.

Pro Tip

For added privacy and style, you can add trellis and climbing plants to your pergola.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Pergola


Pergolas are generally available in four materials: cedar, steel, vinyl, and wood.


Pergolas come in many different sizes to fit your needs. Smaller models tend to be easier to take down, while large ones are semi-permanent.

Types of Canopies

Pop-Up Pop-up canopies are perfect for when you need shelter on-the-go. Compact, lightweight, and easy to set up, they are great for soccer games, picnics, or outdoor festivals.

Wall Panel Canopies with a wall panel give your outdoor structure a backdrop. These canopies are usually used for outdoor festivals.

Enclosed Enclosed canopies feature side panels and an opening that can be closed with clasps or a zipper. This type of canopy is great for camping.

Accessorize Your Space

Accessorize your gazebo, pergola, or canopy with string lights, drapes, torches, and vines! Create a cozy atmosphere by adding a conversation set and outdoor rugs. Outdoor entertaining or dining will be better than ever.

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