Fence Buying Guide

Learn all about fences, from posts to accessories to gates. From privacy fences to garden fences, we have everything to suit your needs. Discover our selection of wood, picket, and lattice fences in our Fence Buying Guide.

Build a Fence With Lowe's

Are you planning for a new fence in your backyard, garden, or around your pool? We have you covered, from materials to installation, we will help you create the perfect fence for your backyard. Shop for materials and accessories in-store or online today. Speak to an installation specialist at a Lowe's near you.  

Fence Panels

Fence Panels are a great option for a DIY  installation. There are different options of type of wood, from cedar to treated wood, as well as steel. You'll have your fence  up in no time.

Note: Fence panels are a good option for backyards with fairly flat ground. If your backyard is not level, it is a good idea to have a professional install your fence.

Types of Fences

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are galvanized to prevent corrosion and improved durability. They are a popular choice in terms of functionality, and they tend to be budget friendly.


Privacy Fence

Privacy fences conceal your backyard from neighbours or passersby. These fences can also add a decorative element to your yard, and come in many different styles and wood types.


Picket Fence

Picket fences are ideal for framing your property. Made out of wood, they are constructed from spaced vertical planks that are connected by two or more horizontal rails.


Garden Fence

Add a touch of charm to your landscape with a garden fence. Usually made out of galvanized steel or welded wire, they act as a strong and durable border around your flower or vegetable garden.


Fence Materials

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure treated wood is common in residential settings, as it effectively sets boundaries for small children and pets. Pressure treated wood can be stained, painted, or kept natural. Depending on the region, pressure treated wood fencing is made from cedar, pine, redwood, or spruce.


Kiln Dried Wood

Kiln drying is a process that reduces the moisture content of wood. Not only is kiln drying faster than air drying, it helps get rid of fungi and insect infestations that may be present in the wood.


Decorative Metal

Usually made out of powder-coated steel or aluminum, metal fencing gives a classic look of wrought-iron fencing. They come in many styles and sizes and are a great option for decorative fences on your property. Look for metal fences that are "no dig" for easy installation.


Municipal codes require that swimming pools on private property must be enclosed. A fence with a gate is a great way to meet this requirement.

Note: Check with your local building permit office for details.

Fence Accessories

Fence Post Caps

Fence post caps add that finishing touch to create a fence that's both structurally sound and beautiful. They are offered in a wide variety of materials, from copper to wood to stainless steel.



Lattice can either serve an aesthetic or practical function. This addition can act as a breathable screen that shades an area, keeping it cool an dark while also maintaining airflow. Lattice is also great for outdoor privacy.


Stain & Sealant

Protect all of your hard work with a sealant or stain. A coat or two will seal and protect your fence, and can also add colour to coordinate with your exterior décor and garden. It is recommended that you apply a sealant or stain to your fence annually to prevent decay due to weather exposure.


Considerations Before Booking Your Installation Appointment

Weather: Before you book your installation, it is important to know that it is not ideal to install a fence during winter. The best time of the year to install a fence is mid-April to October. This way, the ground will be thawed from the colder months.

Underground Lines and Irrigation Systems: You are required to locate property lines, underground irrigation systems, and any cable, gas, and utility lines.

Municipal Zoning Laws:  Check your local zoning laws and get the required permits before you book your installation appointment.

Find out more about your local municipal zoning laws.

Fence Installation Services at Lowe's

From measuring to installation, a trained Lowe's Specialist will help you with everything. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

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