Find out how to choose the most energy-efficient air conditioner and heater. Learn what to look for when shopping for portable window and central air conditioners, electric heaters and more in our eco-friendly buying guide.

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Heating & Cooling Systems

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What to Look For

close-up of air conditioner controls including an Energy Savings button

Energy Savings Settings

Most air conditioning and heating units come with an “energy saving” mode that turns the unit off and on as it’s cooling or heating the room. This feature saves your money on your electric bill!   
EnergyStar logo on an air conditioning unit

EnergyStar Certification

Look for the EnergyStar logo when making your purchase. This certification means that the unit has been put through a series of tests to determine if it is energy-efficient. 
EnergyGuide fact sheet on the side of a furnace

Take a Peek at the EnergyGuide

This yellow sheet is filled with quick energy savings facts. It will tell you the average projected yearly cost, if it meets the EnergyStar guidelines, and the Energy Efficient Ratio (EER). This number is the BTU rating divided by its wattage.
close-up of air conditioner controls including temperature settings

Programmable Temperature Settings

These temperate settings will give you complete control over how much cold air or heat you’re using in your home. It allows you to set the unit’s temperature for certain times of day, like when you’re at work or sleeping. 

Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems

  • indoor ceiling fan

    Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are a great energy saver! They circulate air more efficiently than an air conditioner and cost less to run. 
  • portable air conditioner

    Portable Air Conditioners

    Portable air conditioning units offer the flexibility of being able to cool down the room that is being used. This means you’ll be able to save energy by not cooling down rooms that are not in use. 
  • window air conditioning unit

    Window Air Conditioners

    These units often feature many eco-friendly options like sleep mode, temperature control, and eco-savings settings. 
  • central air conditioner unit outside

    Central Air Conditioning Systems

    Look to the EnergyGuide to ensure the Central Air Conditioning system you’re purchasing is energy-efficient. Look for an EER rating of 40 or higher. 

Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

  • portable space heater

    Portable & Space Heaters

    Portable heaters can be viable energy-saving units if look for the right features. Energy saving settings and low power ratings in watts make for the best eco-friendly heaters. 
  • electric fireplace


    One of the most energy-efficient ways to heat a room- electric fireplaces can heat a room quicker than a traditional wood burning fireplaces. This is because you don’t lose any heat up the chimney. 
  • furnace


    Check out the EnergyGuide when looking for a furnace! This will provide all the information you need to make an energy-efficient decision. 

Eco-Friendly Tips to Keep Your Cooling & Heating System Running Smoothly

The way you use your cooling or heating system is just as important as the features. Here are some tips to help maximize their efficiency. 

  • Monthly air conditioning and furnace cleanings will make your unit operate at maximum efficiency. Remember to change your filters twice a year!
  • In the summer set your thermostat to 25C, while in the colder months set it to 20C. This will help manage cooling and heating costs. 
  • In the hotter months, make sure to turn off your air conditioner at night when the temperature dips. Similarly, lower your heater during the day in winter. 

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