Clothes Steamer & Iron Buying Guide

Learn everything there is to know about clothes steamers and steam irons in our buying guide. From handheld steamers to traditional clothes irons, find out which is best for you and your needs.

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Freshen Up Your Clothes & Linens

Freshen up your clothes or linens with a steamer. Discover our selection of clothes steamers and irons alongside accessories like ironing boards and covers, ironing centres, and more. Visit us in-store or shop online — we have everything you need for clean, crisp clothing.

Types of Clothes Steamers

Steam Iron

Steam irons work like traditional irons, but they include steam holes on the soleplate. Hot steam relaxes fibres in clothing, which is why they tend to be more effective at removing stubborn wrinkles than their dry iron counterpart.

Free-Standing Steamers

Free-standing steamers use a jet of steam to iron out wrinkles in clothing. The clothes must be suspended on a hanger, so most free-standing steamers come with a rod to hang your clothes from.

Handheld Steamers

Handheld steamers are like free-standing steamers but more compact. They’re easy to store and a small steamer can be packed in a suitcase.

Travel Iron & Steamers

Perfect for someone on the go, travel irons can be easily tucked away in your luggage when you’re traveling for business or fun. While they are much smaller than the in-home iron, they are just as effective at getting the creases and rumples out of your clothing.

Clothes Steamer Features

Fabric Brush

Most steamers come with a fabric brush attachment that helps the steam penetrate thicker fabrics.

Steam Variant

Different steam variants are an important feature on a steamer. Some steamers allow you to determine how much steam comes out at a time. This is controlled through a pressure gauge or a switch on the steaming unit.

Anti-Spill Cap

The anti-spill cap will ensure no water will leak out while you’re using your steamer.

Indicator Light

An indicator light on your steamer unit will tell you two things: when your steamer is done heating up and ready to use, or when the reservoir is low on water. Most machines have both and will use two different colours so you know what the light means.

Clothes Steamer & Iron Accessories

Ironing Centres

Attached directly to the wall, ironing centres are a compact and organized way to get your ironing done. The ironing board folds out, and also contains rods to hang your shirts or pants while you steam. Iron centres also comes with storage space for your iron or steamer.

Ironing Boards

An ironing board is a staple in any laundry room and their simple but practical design allows you to iron any item of clothing. Most iron boards are equipped with a shelf and an iron rest.

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