Pick out your Christmas tree for the holidays! Compare artificial and fresh cut trees, and learn how to maintain and care for them. Traditional or white Christmas trees, pre-lit or flocked, we’ll help you achieve the perfect look to celebrate the season.

Be Merry & Bright

Lowe's Christmas trees come in a variety of sizes, with heights ranging from miniature (4-ft.) to gigantic (12-ft.)! Explore our wide selection of firs and evergreens that will give your ornaments the perfect spot to sparkle.  
'Tis the season to be jolly and trim your Christmas tree for the holidays! Use our Christmas Tree Buying Guide to compare the benefits between artificial and fresh trees, and get helpful tips to decorate your tree with extra flair. 

We'll help you with everything you need to know to make your Christmas tree the focal point of all your decorations, festivities, and family time this holiday season!

Artificial Christmas Trees

Are forever flawless artificial Christmas trees right for you? There are three major factors to consider: maintenance, value and style. 

Care & Maintenance 

Let's face it: real Christmas trees have their benefits, but they are a lot of work. One of the biggest reasons to love owning an artificial Christmas tree is the time you save from care and cleanup. No sweeping up pine needles! No watering or wilting! 

An artificial tree is also as easy to take down as it is to put up. They have a simple fold or hinged construction for easy storage and assembly. You can take it out of storage for the holiday season as part of your annual traditions and your tree will become a key part of your growing collection of Christmas decorations to cherish! 

Value & Long-Term Cost 

How much would you be willing to spend on your Christmas tree this year? What about for the next five years? If you're looking for something more long-term, artificial trees are the most cost-effective choice. 

What's more, you also save additional costs from accessories like tree skirts or tree stands that would normally come with real Christmas trees. Nearly all artificial trees also come already pre-lit, so you can avoid getting tangled up in Christmas lights! 

Style & Selection 

You can have it all with artificial trees. Choose from a wide range of heights, colours, and styles to shape your Christmas decor as you like it. 

For example, slim trees offer the right fit for smaller, intimate spaces. If you still long for the scent for fresh pine at home, you can also hide scenticles in your artificial tree to achieve that desired effect. 

Artificial trees come with a wide selection of lighting to perfectly match your style. With options like Clear, Cool White, Multi-coloured, Warm White, Constant Light Patterns and Multi-function Light Patterns, the sky (or should we say your ceiling?) is the limit! 

From snow-dusted pine needles to pre-lit shrubs in decorative planters, there are plenty of durable and charming outdoor options for your porch to suit the spirit of the season. Many are also battery operated with built-in timers to light up your doorstep without the hassle. Look for the ConstantON® feature, which ensures that tree lights continue to operate even if a bulb is burned out or loose. 

While artificial trees have traditionally been moulded out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), look for trees made from PE (polyethylene), which is a better-quality material and makes needles look more like those of a live tree. Christmas trees with artificial evergreen needles are also created to look like those of a live tree.

Did You Know?

 All our indoor-only artificial trees exclusive to Lowe's come with a stand and a foot pedal — so you can easily turn the lights on and off. Many of our pre-lit artificial trees are also strung from inside the tree's central rod, so that lights are distributed evenly and wiring is hidden from view. 

Real Christmas Trees

Artificial trees have their qualities, but you might also find that nothing is better than having the real thing. 

Visit your local Lowe's Garden Centre to shop in-store for your Christmas tree. You can also discover more fresh plants and plant accessories such as poinsettias and garlands available both online and in-store. 

People who gravitate toward fresh trees usually do it for two big reasons: love for the environment and love for Christmas tradition. 

Naturally Grown Christmas Trees & the Environment 

Each fresh Christmas tree at your local Lowe's Garden Centre is a naturally grown Balsam fir. Our Nova Scotia Balsam Fir Christmas trees are pesticide-free, fertilized once a year and 100 percent Canadian grown. 

We take special care to nurture our trees in the most ideal environment to help them thrive. Unlike plantation trees, our balsam firs are grown on native soil, which keeps their needles fresher and greener longer for your enjoyment throughout the holidays. 

When the season is over, Christmas trees are also recycled into mulch and used in landscaping and gardening. 

When choosing between artificial or fresh trees, it's clear that the latter option helps to give back to our planet. 

How to Choose a Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree 

From beginning to end, bringing home a fresh Christmas tree is a full experience, cherished by children and adults alike. 

Make a special trip to your local Lowe's Winter Garden Centre to pick out a fresh Christmas fir with the family. Enjoy the fun of discovering your special tree, and the excitement of bringing it home to set up in your living room. 

Lowe's has plenty of breathtaking Christmas trees and cheerful seasonal plants in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. From pretty poinsettias to evergreen garlands and wreaths, you can have everything you need to make the season bright. 

When buying your tree, grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and run your fingers down the branch. If the tree is fresh, no more than five to 10 needles should come off in your hand, although a few more may come off in colder, dryer conditions. 

Care & Maintenance 

Let the distinct fragrance of your Christmas tree permeate your living room throughout the holiday season by giving it some extra TLC. 

After choosing your tree from your local Lowe's and transporting it to your living room, ensure you have a tree stand large enough to hold four litres of water as well as the trunk of the tree. The cut must be no more than four hours old when you place your tree in water; otherwise, sap will seal the cut and prevent water from hydrating the trunk. Use warm water the first time to allow sap to flow readily, and make sure the water is topped up daily. 

Fresh Christmas trees may involve extra work, but the dazzling results are always worth it. 

Tip: Store your fresh Christmas tree in a cool, safe place away from wind and rain until it is ready to be brought indoors.

Did You Know?

We CUT the base of your tree to ensure that it takes up water and stays fresh. 
We BALE your tree so it's easier to transport and take home. 
We LOAD your tree onto your vehicle for your convenience and safety. 


Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Artificial or fresh, you've got your tree and now it's time to decorate! Follow our top tips for a stunning, one-of-a-kind Christmas tree display: 

  • Fluff your Tree: This is the most important step! You can do this by pulling branches away from each other. Adjust them so they aren't too close together and bunched in clusters. This will make the tree look fuller and give you more room to hang ornaments. Do this all around the tree and don't leave any large gaps. 
  • Secure your Garland: Choose an inconspicuous spot at the top of the tree, and tie a knot around the base of a branch. Once the ribbon is secured, create a loop by twisting the ribbon around a lower branch (around 10-12 inches away from the first knot) to hold the ribbon in place. Ensure there is space between the ribbon loop and the tree itself to create volume. There are many different ways to configure your ribbon around the tree (diagonal, vertical, horizontal, etc.) 
  • Get Creative: For example, you can alternate ribbons with contrasting colours. Remember to select two to three colours for the theme of your tree, and try to use ribbons in those colours. Shiny and glittery ribbons work best with more dressed-up trees and natural ribbons with natural motifs are best used with trees that have a more rustic look. 
  • Hang your Ornaments with Care: There are generally three different types of ornaments: themed, accent and core. Themed ornaments are typically figural baubles like icons and holiday characters in highly-detailed, embellished shapes. These should be distributed evenly. Accent ornaments are simplified shapes, forms and silhouettes that can be placed between themed ornaments. Core ornaments come in plain, solid colours and they should fill the bulk of your tree. Make sure to place core ornaments on all areas of the tree's branches, including interior sections closer to the trunk. 
  • Add your Tree Topper: Secure the tree topper to the top of the tree by nestling it within the branches. A great way to give the topper more prominence is to make a bauble garland by threading a couple of ornaments on metal wire and securing it around the base of the tree topper. 

Tip: You can also add a ribbon bow behind the tree topper. Make six to eight 8-inch loops of ribbon and then secure the bow at the centre. Do this until you have a few loops and then fluff them by pulling loops apart. If you have extra tails just cut the ends on a diagonal and let them hang down the tree.


Freshen Up the Rest of Your Home

Liven up your space with planter arrangements, garlands and poinsettias. We've got you covered, indoors and out! 
Christmas planter arrangement on front porch

Christmas Planter Arrangements

 Get the look – without the work! There are many styles and sizes to choose from.  
Christmas wreath on door

Wreaths & Garlands

 Make your entrance festive and welcoming with a wreath or garland on the door!
Decorative branches

Boughs, Branches & Decorative Accessories

 Get creative! All the trimmings to build your own holiday arrangement.  
Red poinsettia plant

Poinsettias & Christmas Indoor Plants

Spruce up your home indoors with festive looks on point(setta)! 

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