Bird Feeder Buying Guide

Looking for a new bird feeder or birdhouse for your feathered friend? Discover our selection of hummingbird feeders and bird baths and learn how to squirrel-proof your bird feeder for your pets or garden guests.

A Little TLC for Birds & Wildlife

Show a little love to your wildlife visitors by setting up a bird feeder or birdhouse in your backyard. Choose from our selection of birdhouses, bird baths, and more to create a welcoming backyard for wild birds. Find everything you need online and in-store.

Bird Feeder Types

Hanging Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders give you endless placement options in your backyard. You can hang them from trees, garden posts, gutters, deck rails, and other places that can securely hold the feeder.


Ground Bird Feeders

Ground bird feeders are great for birds that eat lower to the ground, like pigeons, doves, grosbeaks, cardinals, sparrows and more. They come with a pitchfork-like bottom that can be inserted directly into the ground.


Mounted Bird Feeder

Mounted bird feeders are ideal for those with limited space. You simply install the bird feeder to the side of your balcony or the side of a tree and it is ready to go.


Hummingbird Feeders

There's nothing like seeing a hummingbird fly past your backyard and stop at your hummingbird feeder.

Hummingbird feeders are of the hanging variety, which mimics how hummingbirds use their long tapered bill to collect nectar from flowers. They are attracted to sweet nectar or sugar water.

Quick Hummingbird Feeder Tips:

  • The ratio of sugar to water is 1:4. Boil the water in a pan with the sugar until the sugar has completely dissolved.

  • Pure white table sugar is the safest type to use when making sugar water.

  • Sugar water or nectar should be replaced every two to three days.

  • Consider installing a separate bird feeder in your yard to keep other birds away from your hummingbird feeder.


Bird Feeder Accessories

Squirrel Baffle

Squirrel-proof your bird feeder with a squirrel baffle. It wraps around your bird feeder or bird pool to stop squirrels and other critters from getting to the bird food.

Bird Feeder Hook

Bird feeder hooks add length to your hanging bird feeder. They also allow you to securely hang your feeder from just about anywhere.

Seed Scoops

Seed scoops are a convenient and easy way to load your feeder with bird seeds. It has a quick-release seed dispenser so the birds will be happy too!

Birdhouse Types

Mounted Birdhouses

Mounted birdhouses are designed to be attached to a tree, pole, or side of a building. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the birdhouse is safe for birds.

Free Standing Birdhouses

Free standing birdhouses are simply placed in your garden, patio, or other area of you backyard. They come in various heights to suit your preferred placement.

Birdhouse Styles




Other Styles of Birdhouses

  • Victorian
  • Nest
  • Log Cabin
  • Church

Wild Bird Food: What’s on the Menu?

Black Oil Sunflower: The high oil content makes this hearty seed a nutritious option for songbirds.

Sunflower Seed Chips: Minced sunflower kernels are a premium treat that leaves no shell residue around your feeders.

Safflower: A bitter flavour deters squirrels and grackles while attracting desirable birds.

Suet Cakes: A rich, high-energy treat that songbirds and woodpeckers love.

Dried Mealworms: For insect eaters such as bluebirds and robins.

Nectar: Attracts hummingbirds and orioles. Available in powdered mix or ready-to-use bottles.


Bird Baths

A good way to attract birds to your yard is by installing a bird bath. Not only does it make your garden look picturesque, but birds that are attracted to your yard will use it as a hunting ground, and will aerate your garden soil with their long beaks, and eliminate insect pests.

There are three types of bird baths:

  • Pedestal: These baths are the most traditional type and stand from seven to 15 inches in height. They come in various materials like aluminium, ceramic, cast stone, iron, concrete, and resin.
  • Fountain: Fountain bird baths add the element of flowing water, which helps attract birds to your yard. The movement of the water will catch the bird’s eye, and it also allows them to cool down a hot day.
  • Solar: Solar bird baths allow you to conserve energy by using heat from the sun to operate. When it is a cloudy day, most solar bird baths have battery back-up so your feathered friends will able to splash around no matter the weather!


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