Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide

Make the most of your bathroom renovation by installing a new bathroom vanity. Our buying guide will help you discover our large selection of bathroom vanities, cabinets, and sinks in every style, shape, and colour to complete your modern bathroom makeover.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

The perfect way to freshen up your bathroom, without the hassle of a full  renovation, is to simply replace your bathroom vanity. Discover our versatile  collection of bathroom vanity styles — from modern to traditional, we have  what you’re looking for.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

Vanities come in three styles: bases, tops, and full. Vanity bases and tops allow for more customization, while full vanities are easier to install.

Vanity Bases

Vanity bases come in a variety of styles and finishes. When choosing a base, it is important to consider what you need in terms of storage space. While most vanity bases come with storage under the sink, you can look for extras, like drawers.


Vanity Tops

Vanity countertops are available in different materials and styles. When picking out a vanity top, you want to keep in mind whether your bathroom is a high or low-traffic area. If you have kids running in and out of the bathroom, you’ll probably want to go for a sturdy material like quartz.


Full Vanities

Full vanities are a convenient option because all you have to do is install the unit! You will want to look for different styles, shapes, mounts, and number of sinks.


Bathroom Vanity Mounting Type


Freestanding vanities are the most common type. Easy to install, they simply sit directly on the floor of your bathroom.



Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are attached to the wall and usually have space between the bottom of the unit and the floor. This is a great place for additional storage for any linens.



Corner-mounted vanities are perfect for a bathroom with limited space. Tucked away in the corner, they use up less space than the average vanity.


Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom storage is important when deciding which vanity will be right for you in your family. Vanities offer a wide variety of storage solutions for your toiletries and cleaning supplies, so decide what you need to store in your bathroom first before choosing a unit. Most vanities come with cabinets, while other also come with drawers.

Take into consideration where the vanity is going to be located. Is this vanity going in a master bathroom or a powder room? A guest room or a kids' bathroom? Think about your particular needs. If you use this bathroom every day, then ample storage space (including drawers and counter space) is going to be important to you. 
Tip: Hang hooks from the inside of the vanity cabinets for even more storage!

Bathroom Vanity Style


If you're looking for an updated style, a modern vanity is the way to go. Look for dark colours and shiny finishes for a modern and chic look.


Toeing the line between modern and traditional, transitional vanities balance aesthetics and functionality. Look for trendy designs with lots of storage.


Traditional vanities focus on the practical. While they may be a little bigger than their modern counterpart, they will offer ample of storage for you and your family.

Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom sink will also have an impact on what type of vanity you can buy. Take into consideration type and the number of sinks you would like in your bathroom.


Integral: The sink is set into the countertop.

Undermount: This sink lays underneath the counter instead of on top of it.

Drop-In: These units ‘drop-in' to the vanity, and have a lip that rests on the countertop.

Vessel: The entire sink sits on the surface of the countertop.


Depending on your needs (and wants), vanities come with two options — single sink or double sink. Single sinks are standard for powder rooms, while double sinks are great in high-traffic bathrooms.

Bathroom Faucets


They have a spout with separate hot and cold water handles and all pieces are separate. Widespread faucets are available from 6-inch to 16-inch drillings for three-hole pre-drilled installation basins.


They're made for 4-inch pre-drilled with three-hole installation basins. They combine a spout and valves on a single base unit. Centre-set faucets may have a single-handle mixing lever or two handles mounted onto a 6-inch plate.


Single-hole faucets are made for one pre-drilled hole in your vanity counter top. They can have single handle or two handles.

Tip: If your vanity has already been predrilled for extra holes, you can use an optional deck plate to cover them up.


Vessel faucets are made taller than the average faucet so they can reach out and over a vessel sink. They are available in single-hole, centre-set, and wide-set installation types.


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