Learn how to deal with rising temperatures through simple additions to your home and backyard. From ceiling fans to air conditioners and outdoor kitchens, here are 10 ways to prepare for a heat wave.

Stay Cool

At Lowe's Canada we have everything you need to stay cool this summer! Visit us in-store and find the latest in energy-efficient air conditioners and fans, as well as fun ways to beat the heat like sprinklers and pool toys! Shop online or in-store today!

1. Get the Cool Air Movin' with a Ceiling Fan

Give your ceiling fan a spin this summer! Adjust the direction of your ceiling fan as the seasons change. Rotate counterclockwise to pull up hot summer air and enjoy a satisfying breeze! 

Ceiling fans are an eco-friendly option because they conserve more energy than an air conditioner. For an environmental bonus look for a fan that is EnergyStar certified.

2. Update Your Air Conditioner

Does your A/C need an upgrade? A new air conditioner will keep your house at a consistently cool temperature during a heat wave, plus newer models are energy-efficient. Discover innovative features like energy-saving settings and timers, or a multi-purpose air conditioner that is also a dehumidifier and fan all-in-one. 

A portable air conditioner is an inexpensive option that helps you save money on your energy bill by cooling one room at a time! 

Did you know we install central air conditioners? Learn more about our installation services here.  


3. Turn on the Waterworks with a Sprinkler

Keep the kiddies cool with a sprinkler! Put the sprinkler on full blast and fight the sizzling heat with a splash. The best sprinkler for the job is one that oscillates to give you maximum cool-off coverage. Sit back and soak in the nostalgia!

If you have a pool, don't forget to get fun accessories to stay afloat!


4. Get Smart About the Heat with a Smart Thermostat

Keep your home cool during a heat wave. When temperatures fluctuate, smart thermostats are automated to help you stay in your comfort zone. Keep the temperature regulated at 25 C to keep your home cool and to keep your energy bill low. A smart thermostat can save you at least $100 in energy bills a year!

Keep the control in your hands with voice command! Some models of smart thermostat are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, so you can change the temperature with a simple request.


5. Stay Hydrated

When the heat is at its peak it's important to stay hydrated. Live the sweet life! From afternoon snacks to morning shakes, a blender or juicer offers icy relief when you need it.

Keep the rest of your beverages cool with a mini-fridge. Stock up your outdoor kitchen with a temperature-controlled mini-fridge or wine cooler. Quench your thirst with your favourite drinks, deliciously chilled to perfection.

6. Get Some Shade

Get some relief from those sun rays under a gazebo, pergola, or patio umbrella! A gorgeous gazebo transforms your backyard into a breezy outdoor living space. Patio umbrellas are must-haves for sunny wining and dining. Keep the conversation going after dark under the glow of solar-powered LED lights.

If you don't want to lose those rays but still want protection from the heat, add a pergola above your deck or patio with easy-to-control canopies and covers. It's perfect for any setting!

Looking for more cover? Escape scorching summer days by adding awnings over your patio, deck, or doorways. You can get a retractable awning over your patio so you can decide when you want to soak in the rays or protect yourself from the heat.


7. Wind Down & Relax with a Portable Fan

It’s easy breezy! Trust portable fans to blow off mosquitoes so you can focus on more lounging and less swatting. Don’t forget about all the different features – from speed level to eco-friendly settings and timers, the options are endless to get to your optimal comfort level. Don’t oscillate over this hot weather essential!


8. Dine Outside with Your Very Own Outdoor Kitchen

Leave the searing heat to your grill. Chill out on your deck or patio — and away from the kitchen. Appliances like your oven or stove give off heat and raise the temperature indoors.

An outdoor kitchen will bring all the luxuries you have indoors, outside! Alongside the grill you can outfit your el fresco kitchen with a mini-fridge, storage cabinets, doors, a sink, and more! Learn more about outdoor kitchens in our buying guide.


9. Stay Dry & Dehumidify

Stressed over a sticky, humid summer? Dehumidifiers pull out excess moisture from the air so you don't have to break a sweat. It will also help with allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. You can also use energy-efficient settings, so you won't have to worry about getting price tag shock when your energy bill comes.


10. Treat Your Windows

Dress to impress! Add blinds and shades to accentuate your room, insulate hot and cold, and filter light. If you want a mix of picturesque or practical window covering you can always go for window film. Create a beautiful display with window film that will keep the hot sun off your floors and furniture.

Don't forget about outdoor window dressings! Exterior shutters are great for blocking the heat from your windows on those hot sticky summer days.


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