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1-Piece Toilets

A One-Piece Toilet is one complete unit that includes the tank, lid, bowl, and toilet seat

2-Piece Toilets

A Two-Piece Toilet has a tank and bowl that can be purchased seperately

Composting Toilets

Composting Toilets can be used in any remote place where there is an electrical connection but no plumbing


A Bidet provides convenient facilities for personal cleansing

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Comfort Height Toilets

Chair Height creates more comfort. Approimately 16"-17"

Standard Height Toilets

Short Toilets preferable for childern and shorter people. Approximately 14"-15"

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Elongated Bowl

Elongated Bowls are a classically-styled oval shape for maximum comfort

Round Bowl

Round Bowls save space and have many types of seats available to match your bathroom's decor 

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