Black Pipes & Fittings

Made of Iron or Steel. Designed for usage of High Pressure or Gas systems.

Galvanized Pipes & Fittings

Used for Water Supply Lines, Well Pumps, Sewage, and some Irrigation Systems. Works with High Heat.

Copper Pipes & Fittings

Used for Water Heaters or Bath Lines. Good with High Pressure and High Heat.

PVC Pipes & Fittings

Can be used for Pressurized Plumbing Lines, Drain, Waste, Vent, and Irrigation Systems.

PEX Pipes & Fittings

PEX Pipe is Resistant to Freeze Breakage, Flexible, Durable, and Easy to Install. Works for Hot and Cold Water use.

ABS/DWV Pipes & Fittings

Used for Drain and Waste. Can withstand High Temperature water.