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Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

Nothing beats a paint sprayer for making quick work of a paint job. At the press of a trigger, the paint comes to you. No more dipping and dripping.
Living room painted wait

Paint & Accessories Buying Guide

Use our paint and accessories buying guide to become a painting pro in no time, and make a dramatic, but inexpensive change to your home decor.
living room with blush pink walls

Painting Ideas: How to Pick the Perfect Paint Colour

Learn how to select the perfect paint for any room! Get expert painting ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.
A child

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Have you run out of bedroom ideas for your kids? Don't worry, we have lots of fun decor ideas to personalize your kids' room!
Man painting table red
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How to Paint Furniture

Learn how to paint your furniture in our step-by-step guide that will teach you everything from preparing the surface to the correct furniture paint.
Dark stain being applied to a wood deck with a brush
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How To Stain a Deck

Get that deck looking good and protect and extend its life at that same time. Learn how easy it is in our deck staining how-to.