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Security Camera Buying Guide

Security Camera Buying Guide

Smoke alarms are mandatory in every building and dwelling across Canada. Find one to keep you and your family safe with the earliest detection.
Smoke Detector Buying Guide

Smoke Detector Buying Guide

Smoke alarms are mandatory in every building and dwelling across Canada. Find one to keep you and your family safe with the earliest detection.
Surge Protector Buying Guide

Surge Protector Buying Guide

Learn how to protect your home from power spikes and surges with surge protectors in our buying guide.
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep your home and family safe with a smoke detector. Use our buying guide to find the right one for you.


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360 electrical

Lowe’s Canada Is Your Go-To Source for Electrical Supplies 

Lowe’s Canada has everything you need online to get your electrical system up and running, for both home and business. Whether you’re a knowledgeable handyman or a professional electrician, we can help get started with the right electrical panels, light switches and power outlets that suit your budget.  

Get your electrical system wired

Start the job off right with a panel and junction box from top suppliers like Iberville and Schneider. Get everything connected with high quality and reliable wiring from trusted brands like Southwire to keep everything in the loop. Finally, make sure every watt of electricity gets to where it needs to go with light switches and outlets to meet the needs of every appliance, electronic device, and fixture in the house.

Take your system to the next level

Let Lutron and 360 Electrical help you set the mood by installing a dimmer switch, smart switch, and smart bulbs for your light fixtures. Turn up the heat with a smart thermostat. Run your newest electronic toys and systems with coaxial cables, extension cords, and power bars. And don’t forget to shop for cable management solutions to keep your rooms neat and tidy. Lowe's also has a wide variety of the batteries online and in-store for the electronics that don’t plug into the wall. 

Keep your electrical system powered even in the worst of times

Protect your grid with a circuit breakers, GFCI outlets, surge protectors, and automatic transfer switches. Prepare for potential emergencies by shopping our solar power options and find the right a generator that can keep you plugged in with the flick of a switch.

Hire an Electrician to Get the Job Done Right

Electrical work needs to be perfect. Anything less can be a major safety issue. Keep the sparks from flying with professional installation services by Lowe’s Canada professionals.