UNDERMOUNT SINKS

Undermount sinks are installed under the countertop. There is no rim between the countertop and sink, giving the vanity a sleek seamless finish 

                             DROP-IN SINKS

 Drop-In sinks feature a rim that rests on top of the vanity counter. Faucets can be installed directly along the back rim of the sink.

                            VESSEL SINKS

Vessel sinks sit directly on top of the counter. Sometimes referred to as a “bowl sink,” vessel sinks come in varying shapes and sizes.

                         PEDESTAL SINKS

Pedestal sinks are units that exist without a vanity. A simple sink, it features a basin bowl and pedestal which are sold separately or together as one unit.

                          WALL MOUNT SINKS

Wall Mount Sinks are all sink with no vanity. Installed directly to the wall, these sinks usually have plumbing exposed. Perfect for small bathrooms. 

                              INTEGRAL SINKS

Made from the same material as the countertop to create a smooth transition from counter to sink

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                ROUND SINKS 

               SQUARE SINKS

                    OVAL SINKS

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