COVID-19 Safety Precautions for Truck Delivery

Final Mile Delivery Process changes - Effective Mar 25/2020

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Process changes

  • Delivery will change to first available covered area. This means across the door threshold to inside of first room inside the home or to garage where available (whichever is first covered area). This applies for any products that are normally delivered into a house (appliances, kitchen cabinets, vanities, flooring etc.)
  • No installations or actual final placements of appliance or washers/dryers/fridge connections etc.
  • Condo/apartment deliveries will be taken to just inside door of actual condo/apartment unit.
  • No pickup of used appliances or products from people’s homes. We will not return to pick up appliances at a later date.
  • Patio furniture or any outside type item will be delivered to garage or outside area
  • Carry-in of drywall products or any other building material item is not available.
  • Drivers will take pictures of products after delivered to the first available area and will remove any packaging for appliances as per normal
  • Drivers will not have customers sign paper or electronically and will instead type in customers name electronically in signature section in driver app or will handwrite customers name on invoice.

Driver Safety Guidelines we are using

  • Upon arrival at each new delivery, drivers/helpers are recommended to put on new disposable gloves in cases of delivery inside a home or workplace or wear work gloves in cases of curbside delivery.
  • Drivers/Helpers to introduce them self at the door and use social distancing practices (minimum 2 Metres). They should politely ask that customer respect the social distance process (minimum 2 metres) for the entire time that they are involved in the delivery process for the safety of the delivery team and the customer.
  • While working in the customers home or place of business, always keep your gloves on, avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth with your hands (gloved or not gloved).
  • Use hand soap and/or sanitizer where available in between deliveries.

GOAL should be a contact free delivery experience for the safety of all involved.