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Get interior design inspiration with Umbra's wall decor and window hardware that's both functional and eye-catching. See how Umbra’s team of international designers draw from their own philosophies to create everyday products like clocks, mirrors, curtain rods, and planters that make daily life better.


Wall Decor to Make Your Room Pop

You might have the essentials, but it’s the finishing touches that personalize, warm, and refresh a space. Inject modern utility and beauty into your home with Umbra’s clocks, mirrors, planters, and other wall decor pieces. Experiment with different shapes, colours, materials, and finishes. Mix them with your own personal style to create a modern space that is uniquely you.

Make the most of your room by installing wall hooks that are practical and pretty. Choose multi hooks in the shape of sticks or the skyline for a clean and contemporary look with plenty of space. Prefer something more unique? Hang Umbra’s popular wall-climbing Buddy character for a fun and funky feel.

Window Hardware That Shines

The way you dress windows can shift the mood, look, and functionality of your space. Whether you want privacy, room darkening, or simply a change of style, Umbra’s mix-and-match program at Lowe’s offers a wide variety of both contemporary and traditional window treatments. Unlock your room’s potential with Umbra’s curtain rods, finials, holdbacks, and clips.

Your Curtain Rod, Your Style

Umbra’s Mix & Match program lets you create endless curtain rod designs that are customizable and unique to your personal style. All cappa rods are extendable to ensure they fit any sized window in your home.

Four rods, 15 finial options, endless possibilities.

How to Create Your Own Custom Curtain Rod with Umbra's Window Hardware

Umbra curtain rods

Step 1

Choose your cappa rod from one of four finishes (polished silver, brushed black, rod brass, and bronze).

Umbra curtain rod finials

Step 2

Replace your cappa finial with one of Umbra’s 15 premium finials.

Assembled Umbra curtain rod and finial with curtain

Step 3

Mix and match rods and finials for quick room updates.

Ready To Go Shutters

Meet EXPANSA — the world’s first telescoping shutter that expands to fit multiple window sizes. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy on the eyes.

Umbra’s indoor window shutters look customized at an accessible price point without the hassle of ordering, waiting for, and installing personalized shutters. Customize your window coverage by choosing the number of shutters you prefer.

Need to move the shutters over to another window? No sweat! Remove EXPANSA with minimal impact and easy re-install in its new home.


The Umbra story started in 1979 with the launch of a single window shade. Co-founders Les Mandelbaum and Paul Rowan recognized that there was a need to create modern designs that would be accessible in both price and attitude.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Umbra (Latin for “shade”), has become a global leader in product design and currently distributes in over 120 countries across the world with offices in Europe, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and China.

Umbra was born out of passion for original design and the desire to create products for every home. At Umbra, our team of international designers brings thought and creativity into everyday items. Driven by innovation, we pull inspiration from the global marketplace, in order to push boundaries in our approach to original design.