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Grow a beautiful lawn and garden with the help of Rain Bird's automatic sprinkler system! We offer a variety of Rain Bird irrigation systems, including drip irrigation, as well as an extensive selection of automatic lawn sprinklers. Perfect for container gardening, find Rain Bird products in-store or online today.

Automatic Watering Efficient for a Greener, Healthier Yard

An automatic irrigation system is the most convenient, efficient way to ensure your yard gets the water it needs without over- or under-watering. Available at Lowe's, Rain Bird's new high-efficiency sprinklers and drip systems can easily get great results in every area of your yard while conserving water.

Four Benefits of Drip Irrigation

1. Greener, Healthier Plants: Drip watering soaks into the root zone, stimulating growth.

2. Less Weeding: Drip irrigation waters the plants, not the surrounding soil.

3. Saves Water: Drip watering eliminates wasteful overspray and runoff.

4. Easy to Automate: With a Rain Bird digital hose-end timer, drip irrigation has never been so easy.

Where to Use Drip Irrigation

Landscaping Beds

Container Gardening

Flower Beds

Vegetable Garden

Product Guide

Watering Kits

Rain Bird's watering kits have everything you need: watering connections, tubing, and micro-watering devices. There is no digging required, so it is easy to install, plus it is easy to expand with additional Rain Bird tubing and watering devices.

Tubing & Accessories

Kink-resistant tubing for easy placement and trouble-free watering, Rain Bird's tubing and accessories make is easy to expand your drip system. Choice of 1/4 inch or 1/2 in. tubing, with lengths up to 250 feet. Get a quick connection with barbed or universal compression fittings.


Drippers & Emitters

Rain Bird's drippers and emitters allow you to select water devices tailored to the moisture needs of your plants. Features include pressure compensating drippers for watering consistency, and adjustable micro sprays for ultimate flexibility.


Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Basics

For Homeowner or Residential Systems Only

Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance direct from the industry's leading manufacturer, this comprehensive sprinkler design service covers all the bases with a complete set of sprinkler system or drip irrigation system plans to help you choose the right products and install them with confidence.

Step 1

Download and fill out the Rain Bird Worksheet.  You'll be asked to provide simple measurements of your yard and information about your water system. 

Step 2

Fax or mail the worksheet to Rain Bird. 

Step 3

Receive a detailed, computer-drawn plan by email.

Note: Your computer drawn design package includes an itemized shopping list of everything you need to complete the project. And if you have a question before, during, or after installation, call our Expert Advice hotline at 1-800-RAINBIRD.

Four Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

1. Saves Time: No more hassle with hoses and sprinklers.

2. Saves Water: Applies precise amounts you schedule for each area of the yard.

3. Saves Money: Your water bills can be reduced and plants can live longer.

4. Improves Home Resale: A feature many home buyers prefer.

Product Guide

Gear Driven Rotors

Gear driven rotors are good for medium to large areas. They feature Uniform Rain Curtain™ nozzle technology which allows for less windblown overspray and enhances close-in coverage.


Pop-Up Sprinklers & Nozzles

Pop-up sprinklers and nozzles a great for small areas. They are the world's most popular sprinklers and are preferred by professionals. We offer a wide selection of pop-up heights and nozzle patterns and we now feature a new multi-stream rotary sprinkler which offer superior uniformity and less runoff waste.



For superior system reliability, our valves are rugged and dependable. They work well with all system timers and come with flow control to optimize watering rate.



Adding a time to your sprinkler system is one of the easiest upgrades you can make to improve your system's efficiency. Features include custom settings to get watering times right for all areas of your yard, automatic seasonal adjustments, and superior surge protection for long lasting operation.


New Rain Bird HE-VAN High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles

How to Upgrade Rain Bird Sprinkler Timers

Rain Bird

Founded in 1933, Rain Bird Corporation is now a leading global manufacturer of irrigation products and services. Rain Bird provides a broad range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments, and homes. Rain Bird is committed to water conservation through education, training, and providing high-quality products for the industry.