Explore our selection of GreenFiber blown in insulation. Perfect for the attic, GreenFiber insulation is made of 85 percent recycled material and provides a great thermal barrier in your home.


Provide your home with a better thermal barrier, which will help lower your utility bills and a sound barrier for added peace and quiet.


GreenFiber Blow-in Insulation can achieve any R-Value desired. The thicker it is blown-in, the higher the R-Value.

Fills Gaps & Voids

GreenFiber does not require any cutting or fitting and fills all gaps reducing air and sound transmission.

Easy To Install

GreenFiber is a two person project with one emptying product into the blowing machine and the other blowing the product into the attic.

We'll Install Insulation!

From the attic to the basement, our team of professional installers will make sure every part of your home is insulated.

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GreenFiber is North America’s largest producer of high performance, all natural, cellulose blow-in attic insulation. It is made of 85 percent recycled materials, is soft to the touch, and can be applied over any existing insulation.