Dremel Tools and Accessories

Dremel Tools & Accessories

Get your DIY on with the famous Dremel Multi-Tool, 3D-printers, or oscillating and rotary tools and tick off every item on your to-do list. Need a specialized tool? You can extend the functionality of your equipment with Dremel bits and specialized Dremel tool accessories.

Rotary Tools & Accessories 

For crafts, hobbies, and other projects around the house, Dremel Rotary Tools are essential for any DIYer or professional looking to tackle their next project. Use it as a sander, polisher, engraver, or to cut through a variety of materials. With Dremel's wide range of rotary tools and accessories, you'll always have the right tool for the job.

Oscillating Tools

Do more and achieve more with Dremel Oscillating Multi-Purpose Tools. Perfect for a variety of materials and applications like grout removal, floor prep, or removing trim. Dremel oscillating tools have the speed and power range for optimal performance in a wide range of tasks.

Rotary Saws

Dremel rotary saws are a precise yet powerful solution for cutting through just about any material. Small, portable, and versatile, Dremel saws slice through wood, plastics, metal, stone, and more.

Get Your DIY On!

Itching to get creative but aren’t quite sure where to start? Visit our Ideas and Inspiration page to find your project and stimulate your imagination.


In 1934, Dremel invented the high-speed rotary tool. Since then, they've been helping makers do what they do best - make. With their full line of versatile and easy-to-use power tool systems, Dremel delivers the perfect solution for almost any project.