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Upgrade your home simply and easily with storage and closet organizer products by ClosetMaid. Visit us at your local Lowe's store to turn your dream into a design.


Stackable Storage Organization

  • Stackable storage holding clothes and shoes


    ClosetMaid® Stackable Storage organizers (or Stackers) are designed for customized closet organization. They also provide quick storage solutions for entryways, laundry/utility rooms, and many other areas of the home. All items are designed to work and stack together for customized solutions. These Stackable Storage systems are available in: alder, white, black ash, and espresso finishes.



  • Living room with cubeicals on both sides of the room


    ClosetMaid® Cubeicals® are perfect for home organization in bedrooms, family rooms, basements, and game rooms. Cubeicals® come in 2-cube, 6-cube, 8-cube, 9-cube, and 12-cube formats, and are available in alder, white, black ash, and espresso finishes. Accessorize with Fabric Drawers, which are available in a multitude of colours to make decorating fun and easy. Primary colours are great for small children's rooms, whereas earth tones are perfect for displaying in family rooms and living areas. Pastels might be more suitable for some, but there are also bold colour options like fuchsia or royal blue for teen rooms.



  • Closet with the SuiteSymphony storage set up


    The ClosetMaid® SuiteSymphony collection is a versatile laminate system available in white, cherry, and espresso finishes. These systems can be used in your closet, pantry, home office, and living areas. To get started, you simply choose the finish, the starter tower width desired, and the accessories that fit your needs. Accessories include doors, drawers, cubes, shoe shelf kits, tie and belt racks, or jewellery trays. White and espresso finishes are paired with satin nickel hardware, whereas cherry is designed to go with oil rubbed bronze hardware.


Wire Shelving

  • Kitchen with sparse wire shelving on the wall and floor

    Wire Shelving

    ClosetMaid Wire Shelving is vinyl-coated for best durability and performance. There are three types of shelving — Low Profile SuperSlide®, Shelf & Rod, and Close Mesh. SuperSlide is a dual-purpose shelf. It serves as a storage shelf or becomes a hanging shelf when SuperSlide closet rod and hardware are added to a shelf. See SuperSlide® Hardware for more information on the hardware required to set up your hanging SuperSlide shelf. Shelf & Rod is a one-piece shelf with a built-in hang rod and is an economical solution for hanging.

  • Diagram showing how the ShelfTrack system works

    ShelfTrack™ System

    ShelfTrack™ is one of two ways to mount a shelf to the wall (the other being Fixed Mount). The ShelfTrack™ system is adjustable so you can reposition your shelves at your convenience. The system consists of a horizontal hang track that is first mounted to the back wall. The hang track (A) is a key component, in that it saves time by levelling only once during the installation. When the hang track is in place, the vertical standards (B) are hung from the track, the brackets (C) are inserted into the notches of the standards, and the shelf can be snapped into place.
  • Graphic showing how wire shelving works with the SuperSlide Hardware system

    SuperSlide Hardware

    The SuperSlide system allows clothes hangers to slide along the hang rod without interruption. SuperSlide hardware is simply added to a SuperSlide shelf to turn it from a storage shelf to a hanging shelf. SuperSlide hardware consists of closet rod supports, a closet rod, closet rod end caps, end brackets, and a corner rounded bar. SuperSlide hardware is available in white, satin chrome, and deep nickel finishes.
  • Diagram showing how a fixed mount system works

    Fixed Mount System

    Fixed mount is one of two ways to mount a shelf to a wall (the other being ShelfTrack™). Fixed Mount is an economical but permanent installation system. The system includes wall clips (3), which anchor the shelf to a back wall, and are placed 12 inches apart. For installations involving side walls, end brackets are used to support the shelf. Support Brackets (1) support the shelf at an angle and are placed every 3 feet. Shelf end caps (7) protect the sharp ends of the shelving and provide a more finished installation.
  • Prepackaging wire shelving with clothes hung from it

    Prepackaged Shelving

    ClosetMaid® Prepackaged shelving is a convenient purchase and is perfect any time that extra storage space is needed around the house. These shelves come prepackaged with all the necessary hardware for installation. The shelves come in 2 ft., 3 ft., 4 ft., or 6 ft. lengths, and are available in 12 in. and 16 in. depths.


Closet Organizer Kits

  • Closet with wire shelving full of clothes

    Closet Organizer Kits

    A Closet Organizer Kit is essentially a "closet in a box". It's an easy and effective solution to organizing your closet as all shelving and hardware are included in the kit. They are designed to fit a certain closet size range, such as 4 to 6 ft., 5 to 8 ft., and 7 to 10 ft. You can choose from a selection of closet kits with wire shelving in white, satin chrome, or nickel finish.

Closet Accessories

  • Closet Accessories

    ClosetMaid® Closet Accessories will help end clutter in your closet by storing items in their proper place. Tie and Belt Racks are available in various styles — these include Over-The-Door, wall-mounted or sliding. Shoe organizers also come in various designs — these include Stackable, Over-The-Door or a slanted design that mounts to the wall. Basket Kits can be freestanding or be mounted to the ShelfTrack system.



Founded in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida, ClosetMaid was the first to manufacture ventilated wire shelving for closets in new home construction. Growing quickly, they moved in 1970 to their current headquarters in Ocala, Florida. Today, they are the worldwide leader in home storage organization, offering innovative wire and laminate/wood storage systems for use in bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms, home offices, and garages - wherever people need to store and organize their things.