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From blenders to coffee makers, Braun’s small appliances satisfy everyone’s appetite for versatility, style and reliability. Discover our selection of Braun immersion hand blenders, coffee makers, and more.


Braun Immersion Hand Blenders & Countertop Blenders

Braun Multiquick 7 Hand Blender (MQ 735)

Blend, chop, whisk, and mash! Braun’s Multiquick 7 immersion hand blender uses the world’s first smart speed technology so you can control just how much power you need – one-handed!

Braun’s exclusive PowerBall technology means you can get faster and finer results in an instant. Multiquick 7 includes three easy attachments: a 600 ml plastic beaker, a stainless steel whisk, and a 500 ml chopper.

Braun Puremix Countertop Blender (JB730BK)

From morning smoothies to pudding desserts, Braun's PureMix countertop blender is powered to get you through the day. Toggle through five speed modes and use auto pulse for staggered blending. Braun's SmoothCrush blade system and PowerAssist technology ensure you get the best results every time.

Braun Coffee Makers

Braun BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker

Savour every sip. Braun BrewSense coffee makers make affordable and modern additions to your kitchen. Percolate calming thoughts with a fresh cup of Joe for your morning, noon, and night.

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Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker in Black

BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker (KF7000BK)

Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel and Black

BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker (KF7150BK)

Available in black Available in black and stainless steel
 PureFlavour Brewing System: Savour heavenly flavor with every single brew.
 12-Cup FlavourCarafe: Keep your coffee warmer for longer in this specially-designed carafe.
 Anti-Drip System: Set to pause so you can toe up you cup mid-brew with virtually no mess.
 Fully Programmable: 24-hour clock, auto-on/off, and 1-4 cup functions
 Extra Large Digital Display: Enjoy easy-to-use LED control panel.
 Brew Strength Selector: Make you coffee regular or bold - just how you like it.
 Keep Warm Plate: Ensure your coffee stays warm for hours.


Conquer the expected with Braun. Founded in 1921 in Franfurt, Germany, Braun has been on the cutting edge of small home appliances. From blenders to toasters, Braun products are a staple in every home around the world.