Delta products are developed based on the belief that water has the power to transform the way people feel every day. Begin your journey by finding the right Delta kitchen or bath product that's right for you.

Touch20 Technology

  • A simple tap anywhere on the spout or handle turns the faucet on and off.
  • Exclusive MagnaTite® docking engages the spray wand to its docked position, keeping it securely in place.
  • TouchClean® spray nozzles allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up.
  • LED indicator light: constant blue indicates touch activation, flashing red indicates low batteries.
  • Use the handle to adjust water flow and temperature.

ShieldSpray Technology

Cleans with laser-like precision while containing mess and splatter. A concentrated jet within a protective sphere of water powers away stubborn messes with an average of 90 percent less splatter than a standard spray, so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing, and shirt swapping.

MagnaTite Docking

As you raise the wand to dock it, the magnet embedded in the spout pulls the wand precisely into place. So unlike other pull-down faucets that tend to droop over time, MagnaTite® keeps your pull-down faucet looking picture-perfect.

Multi-Flow Spray Wand

Simply touch the toggle to increase the flow of water from a water-efficient 1.5 gallons per minute to a higher flow to quickly fill the sink, pots, vases, or other large containers.

The Innovation Trifecta

In2ition® 2-in-1 Shower with H20kinetic® Technology and MagnaTite® Magnetic Docking for three times the coverage of a standard shower.

  • Touch-Clean™ spray nozzle
  • Push-button pause control
  • Lever to change spray modes
  • 3-way diverter activates sprays
  • 72 inch flexible metal hose
  • 5 spray settings: H20kinetic® spray, full spray, massage, full-width massage, and pause

HydroRain Technology

An affordable way to spa every day.

H20kinetic Technology

Prepare yourself for the feeling of more water. H20kinetic Technology features self-cleaning spray holes, unique wave pattern, and larger water droplets.

  • Droplet Size: Larger water droplets retain their heat better and offer a more massaging shower experience.
  • Spray Coverage: A dense shower spray offers a more drenching blanket of water coverage.
  • Thermal Dynamics: Larger water drops and a dense spray pattern result in a warmer, more consistent shower experience.

In2ition 2-in-1 Shower

The warmth and flexibility of two streams of water at once.

  • Touch-Clean™ spray nozzles
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Use integrated hand shower and shower head together or separately
  • Available in a variety of styles and finishes


The Delta brand lives by three tenets: water has the power to transform the way people feel every day; there can be magic in simple solutions; and innovations flow from human insight. Pairing thoughtful features, like being able to turn on your kitchen faucet with a tap of your elbow, with breathtaking designs and products build to last a lifetime, it's no wonder the Delta brand is a leading innovator in the way you use water every day. After all, the best eureka moments happen in the shower.