Alaskan Ice Melters, De-Icers & Liquid Ice Preventers


Alaskan Ice Melters, De-Icers & Liquid Ice Preventers

Learn how Alaskan Ice Melter and Alaskan Liquid Ice Preventer can help keep your family safe from accidental slips and falls caused by ice build up. Keep your stairs and walkways safe and your car windshields clear by using a deicer by Alaskan. Find out more.

Prevent Ice & Snow Buildup

Get ahead of the storm and protect your family! Apply Alaskan® Liquid Ice Preventer before the snowstorm.

  • Prevent ice and snow from bonding and forming to surfaces like steps, sidewalks, and walkways.
  • Alaskan® Liquid Ice Preventer can be applied to surface up to 48 hours before freezing rain, ice storms, and snowfall.
  • Effective to –31 C.
  • Concrete safe formula.

For Better Visibility

Just spray Alaskan® Windshield De-Icer on your windshield, wipers, and mirrors to remove frost, ice, and snow.

  • Alaskan® Windshield De-Icer melts away ice or snow in seconds.
  • Allows you better visibility when you drive. 
  • Prevents ice and snow build-up. 
  • Effective to –31 C.

Stop Slips and Falls

Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter cuts through snow and ice once it’s already on the ground.

  • Alaskan® Premium Ice Melter melts and breaks apart ice to create a safe walkway.
  • Contains a non-staining blue dye so you can see where you have applied the deicer.
  • Effective to –31 C.

Alaskan Ice Melters, De-Icers & Liquid Ice Preventers

Alaskan Ice Melters, De-Icers & Liquid Ice Preventers are Canada's #1 Premium Ice Melt. Gentle on concrete and around vegetation when used as directed, Alaskan products are an exclusive blend of ice melting ingredients, formulated to provide optimum combination of speed and staying power. Formulated with TrueBlue™, an environmentally inert marker that lets you see exactly how much and where the product has been applied.